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Arista Network Log Management with vRealize Log Insight Content Pack

One of the biggest challenges for virtual and network administrators is monitoring and analyzing the status of their network; specifically for detecting any impacts to their virtual servers. The Arista Networks Log Insight Content Pack gives operators a powerful tool to monitor their Arista network with vSphere specific event triggers.

Arista Networks Content Pack
Display of network related vMotion events

Using the powerful graphing and log analysis tools of Log Insight, an operator can see trends and issues, as well as trigger alerts on network events. Having both server and network events logged in the same tool allows an administrator to correlate events that happened, to aid in troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

The Arista Content Pack provides a number of dashboards including an event overview, interface errors/counters, virtualization information, inventory/platform information, and routing.  Event overview gives a summarized view of the events that have been recorded on the network.  Interface errors and counters give interface statistics not normally available in a logging tool, but are enabled through the extensibility of the Arista EOS platform.  The virtualization dashboard leverages the Arista VMtracer feature to track VM events such as vMotion, with what the network sees.

Inventory/platform information displays software versions, serial numbers, and power statistics for the Arista devices.  The routing dashboard reports on BGP/OSPF errors.  The richness of these dashboards is due to both the extensibility of Arista EOS, and the flexibility of vRealize Log Insight.  Together, these tools give administrators a valuable tool in monitoring and troubleshooting their networks in a virtualized environment.

The Arista Networks Content Pack requires a minimum Arista EOS version 4.13.8, and Log Insight 2.0 or greater.


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