vCenter Operations vRealize Suite

Orchestration with Hitachi Storage

In pursuit of efficiency and automation, customers cutting across geographies and verticals deploy vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) in their vSphere environments. vRO is fast becoming a must-have tool in every virtual infrastructure admin’s repertoire.

VMware’s strategic partner Hitachi Data Systems recently launched vRO plug-in that facilitates automation and orchestration of tasks that involve Hitachi Storage (supporting both block and file). It augments the capabilities of VMware’s vRealize Orchestrator solution by providing access to HDS storage specific workflows, thus substantially enhancing vRealize Orchestrator’s effectiveness for VI  admin. It simplifies the automation of complex IT tasks and integrates with VMware vCloud Suite components, to adapt and extend service delivery and operational management, thereby effectively working with existing infrastructure, tools and processes

vRealize Orchestrator with Hitachi adapter help you operate virtual infrastructure, which is

Agile :

    • Accelerated virtual data center deployment
    • Automated resolution of operational issues

Simple :

    • Reduced complexity due to provisioning & management from vCenter console
    • Tight integration with vCenter for service automation

Efficient :

    • Operational efficiency with seamless access to Hitachi Storage based services
    • Enable VVol Policy Based Management

This plug-in provides several built-in workflows and actions that can be used by an administrator for higher level workflows to automate storage tasks. For example, provision storage datastore / LUN workflow, provision NFS datastores, backup SAN datastores or restore storage based VM snapshot that is being hosted on Hitachi storage.

These workflows can be used by VM administrator to perform commonly requested pre-defined tasks

The major workflow categories provided by the Hitachi Storage Connector are storage configuration, provisioning, LUN, FS and VM snapshot backup and VM recovery.  It uses vRO workflows to automatically resolve operational issues, that vRealize Operations Manager identifies, by using the vRealize Operations remediation workflow package.

The Hitachi Storage Pug-in for vRealize Orchestrator is no-charge item  and would encourage you to download it from VMware Solutions Exchange to realize full benefit of VMware vRealize Orchestrator.


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