Today, Ramin Sayar, SVP & GM, Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware, made some key announcements at VMworld, and outlined in this blog post. They include VMware vRealize Suite, VMware vRealize Operations Insight, and and VMware vRealize Air Automation. You can read about vRealize Operations Insight in the blog post by Himanshu Singh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware. In this post, I’d like to provide you with more information about the center-piece of today’s announcements…vRealize Suite.

Introducing VMware vRealize™ Suite, Essential capabilities for delivering and managing multi-vendor cloud services.

The accelerating pace of business has resulted in pressure on both application development and IT to be more agile and responsive. Therefore it is not surprising that when most companies first deploy a self-service, on-demand, cloud infrastructure they start with automating the initial provisioning of infrastructure services to support new development efforts.

However, increasing agility and speed with a Software Defined Data Center without sacrificing security, control, and service quality requires more than fast deployment.  It also requires a fresh look at the full life-cycle of modern application and infrastructure services.  Capacity management, performance monitoring, configuration control and ongoing maintenance and support activities need to be unified.  They need to leverage the power of automation to streamline and standardize functions.  And they need to support physical infrastructure, multiple virtualization platforms, and diverse private and public cloud services.

A new approach to infrastructure and operations management is needed for the Software-Defined Data Center.  One that appears similar to  traditional management tools in that it helps monitor the health, performance and utilization of resources and applications, and provides the operational insights. The key difference is that the cloud management platform is optimized for an era where infrastructure, both on premises or in the cloud, is virtualized and controlled by software, and IT can respond to changing business needs in  minutes and hours  and not months and years. In this environment, the IT admin and end-user needs to see costs, service levels, service options all in one place, in a dynamic way to make rapid business choices. At the technology level, the cloud management platform needs a common service model, where all management functions can be accessed either through user interface (UI), command line interface (CLI), or application program interface (CPI). Most importantly, IT organizations need a management stack that can be used to manage these services across multiple virtualization platforms, and multi-vendor private and public clouds, all with a unified management experience.

Introducing VMware vRealize Suite

Over the last few years VMware has made a large investment to build, acquire and integrate several management components that we believe are essential for companies faced with the challenges of delivering on the business need for improved speed and agility while at the same time maintaining control and improving overall IT efficiency.  The rebranding of our multi-vendor hybrid cloud management products  is intended to help our customers better understand the breadth of VMware’s offering as well as our commitment to enhance and expand this portfolio in the future.

VMware vRealize™ Suite is a cloud management platform purpose-built for the hybrid cloud, delivering and managing infrastructure and applications quickly while maintaining IT control.  It provides a comprehensive management stack for IT services on vSphere and other hypervisors, physical infrastructure and external clouds such as VMware vCloud Air™ and Amazon Web Services, all with a unified management experience.

Automation with ControlAutomation with Control – vRealize Suite automates the end to end processes for delivering IT services as well as ongoing lifecycle management and release automation with policy-based controls needed to enforce IT policies and best practices.

Intelligent OperationsIntelligent Operations – vRealize Suite has big-data analytics, application awareness, log management, and infrastructure dependency mapping needed to proactively monitor health, performance and capacity providing the guidance to take automated or manual corrective actions.

Business InsightBusiness Insight – vRealize Suite allows IT to track and analyze demand and usage patterns in order to establish internal costs and compare to similarly configured public cloud services.

Open and ExtensibleOpen and Extensible Framework – vRealize Suite has an extensive ecosystem of partners who develop additional management capabilities and integrations with 3rd party tools and applications.  A partner ecosystem of plug-ins management packs and blueprints are available at the Cloud Management Marketplace on VMware’s solutions exchange.

Unified ManagementUnified Management – While optimized for vSphere environments, vRealize Suite can provision and manage physical resources as well as other hypervisor platforms such as Microsoft HyperV and KVM. It also extends a unified management experience to external cloud service providers such as VMware vCloud Air, Amazon Web Services or OpenStack-based private and public clouds.

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