We’re on a mission to make log files and unstructured data universally accessible for all our customers and provide total awareness of the entire IT environment. We want to provide you with the analytics that allow you to make sense of the data you’re collecting in your infrastructure, and apply that knowledge to improve IT Operations and other use cases down the line such as security and compliance management.

For those unfamiliar with this product, VMware vCenter Log Insight works by ingesting large quantities of unstructured machine-generated data and enabling you to quickly analyze that data – search, aggregate, and visualize those large sets of data so you can get to that proverbial needle in a haystack.

How can you make the analytics even more powerful? With content packs, of course. We’ve recently announced content packs from our partners: Cisco, EMC, HyTrust, NetApp, NetFlow Logic, Puppet Labs and VCE. VMware vCenter Log Insight enables partners to produce content packs featuring pre-defined log queries, extracted fields, pre-built dashboards and alerts specific to their offering. Built by subject matter experts, the information gleaned from the additional data sources via content packs is then used by joint customers to pinpoint IT issues rapidly and simplify troubleshooting. VMware partners that develop content packs help joint customers to reduce IT costs related to root cause analysis and increase overall customer satisfaction.


And now, how to find the needle in the haystack at VMworld:

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Register for the Log Insight Spotlight Session and Breakout Sessions with the session builder as many of the sessions are at near capacity.

Can’t wait? Download a 60-day trial of Log Insight and start finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Read on for more about the sessions:

If you only attend one session, the Spotlight session should be it. This is not a run of the mill introductory session to Log Insight. It is the only place at VMWorld where you can hear in-depth from me and my colleague Mahesh Kumar about VMware’s vision for operational log analytics, and the importance of implementing a log analytics solution for your IT environment. Towards the end we’ll be joined by Tim Russel, Vice-President of NetApp, highlighting how VMware partners value the capabilities of Log Insight content packs. Whether you are an IT decision maker or responsible for architecting/implementing/using – if you are reading this blog and attending VMWorld, then this session is for you!

Perhaps you still haven’t decided that you should implement Log Insight? Well, don’t just take it from us, listen to our customers! One of the Log Insight sessions this year at VMware (Troubleshooting at Cox – VCM5034) isn’t run by us, but was submitted by the highly capable folks at Cox. Get the details from the trenches on how they are putting it to use.

On Tuesday 4-5, don’t miss Michael White’s session -VCM4528 Tips and Tricks with vCenter Log Insight. Michael White is an architect with VMware’s infrastructure engineering team, who we refer to internally as Customer[0]. Michael has architected and implemented Log Insight monitoring for large internal deployments, collecting logs from a wide range of VMware and 3rd-party products. He’s been a heavy user of Log Insight since the very first Technology Preview, and probably one of the most knowledgeable folks outside the engineering team.

Wednesday has two sessions with the Log Insight engineering team. Deep Dive into vSphere Log Management with vCenter Log Insight (VCM4445), should be the most technical of all the Log Insight sessions, featuring the lead Log Insight architect Chengdu Huang together with Steve Flanders, our top solutions architect.

After all these sessions, you may still have some questions about how to make the most of Log Insight. Bring your questions to us! In the Log Insight Ask the Experts (VCM1005-GD), Wed 2-3PM, you’ll have a chance to fire questions at Steve Flanders and hear the questions of others.

Get your hands dirty at the hands on labs. Register now for VMware vCenter Log Insight, Unchained from the Allegory (HOL-SDC-1301) as these do fill up. Or, if you’re not ready to get your hands dirty—yet—head over to Solutions Exchange for the Cloud Operations demo booth, Log Insight Partner Booths or plush lounge area to fortify yourself (Solution Exchange booth 2020).