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Accelerate and Automate Provisioning and Management of Zend Server with VMware vFabric Application Director

My good friend Al Pacino once said, “never ‘name drop’ in showbiz.” (joke)

But, this is software.

Zend is where developers go for PHP expertise and technologies. Their customers are the who’s who of software—Toyota, GoDaddy, Yale, Samsung, NYSE, iStockphoto, AOL, TribalDDB, Disney Travel, Virgin Mobile, Skype, Electronic Arts and more. Zend’s case studies are great too, and next month Zend is teaming with VMware to help customers automate and manage Zend deployments on VMware infrastructure.

On March 12, 2013 at 9AM PDT, Zend is delivering a webinar with VMware’s vFabric Application Director Team titled, “Accelerate and Automate Provisioning and Management of Zend Server with VMware vFabric Application Director”. More about the webinar is below.

If you haven’t heard about vFabric Application Director

Here are a few resources to give you a quick update:

The VMware Management blog has also just published the first of a video series on deploying a Spring app on VMware infrastructure with a vPostgres Database—this is video is helpful for both dev and operations teams.

About the Webinar

As noted above, virtualization and cloud delivery are driving a fundamental shift in the way applications are deployed.

With Zend and Application Director, you get elastic scale and fault tolerance. You can write the app once and deploy anywhere. It’s better management and better use of time for teams who spend too many cycles on PHP deployments.

Here is what you can learn at the webinar:
• How to access Zend Server in the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace™
• Abstracting Zend applications from the supporting infrastructure
• Deliver and manage applications across public and private clouds

We hope you join us and would appreciate you spreading the word.


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