VMware Workspace ONE Announcements

Announcing Workspace ONE Marketplace: Out-of-the-box templates, scripts, and other resources for admins

Every day, tens of thousands of administrators take advantage of VMware Workspace ONE and its powerful management services that drive the Anywhere Workspace. From managing every endpoint with Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management to modernizing VDI with the efficient and secure delivery of virtual desktops using VMware Horizon, VMware offers a broad solution that solves many critical business problems that revolve around digital transformation. 

Workspace ONE offers a wide set of services and solutions, such as a multi-platform endpoint and app management, analytics and data science engine, multi-platform orchestration and automation framework, digital employee experience (DEX), frontline worker management, workspace security, and more. But sometimes the breadth and depth of a platform can be overwhelming for admins to hit the ground running, utilize the full strength of what’s available to them, or even narrow down on addressing specific use cases. To help with this challenge and ensure that Workspace ONE admins get the most value out of their EUC investments, we are launching the general availability of Workspace ONE Marketplace, which we first announced at VMware Explore.  

The Workspace ONE Marketplace provides a rich set of out-of-the-box content for the Workspace ONE admin, including solutions, templates, scripts, and other resources they can use to quickly address endpoint management, user experience, and workspace security use cases. This is a curated repository that is available to our customers to find in one place and to deploy easily with one click. Workspace ONE admins can leverage this content to speed up implementation and to explore new use cases, IT tasks, and even complex business processes.  

Workspace ONE Marketplace “Explore” page
Workspace ONE Marketplace “Explore” page

What you can expect from Workspace ONE Marketplace

The Workspace ONE Marketplace is launching with the following three objects: 

1. Solutions. A powerful, unified combination of dashboards, insights, and workflows, these solutions solve complex business needs like experience management and vulnerability management. 

Solutions have been improved from what was previously accessible via Workspace ONE Intelligence. The Solutions page now includes more helpful content to create an understanding of what each solution is, how it’s used, and how it can help your organization. We’ve embedded key product overview videos and provided quick access links to relevant VMware blogs, Tech Zone articles, technical documentation, and release notes. This content overview is dynamic; it will automatically update to include the latest and greatest material, so you always have what you need to understand, deploy, and manage a given solution. 

Workspace ONE Marketplace Experience Management solution
Workspace ONE Marketplace Experience Management solution
Workspace ONE Marketplace resources to help you learn more about the Experience Management Solution
Workspace ONE Marketplace resources to help you learn more about the Experience Management solution

2. Templates. Speed up Workspace ONE adoption and increase platform value by leveraging existing templates organized to meet specific use-case needs. These include: 

  • Widget templates: popular widgets to populate custom dashboards. Examples: list of users with the most enrolled devices, breakdown of Android device battery health by org group, and count of Windows devices by OS version. 
  • Report templates: popular reports, deployable at the click of a button, such as storage capacity details, Windows devices with CVE vulnerability, and Android devices with security patch details. 
  • Workflow templates: powerful workflows to automate IT tasks, which can be edited based on your specific business needs and requirements, you can see a few examples in the image below.  
Workspace ONE Marketplace workflow templates
Workspace ONE Marketplace workflow templates

3. Integrations. Coming soon, these third-party connectors will extend the Workspace ONE solution to your IT ecosystem and offer integrations with apps like Slack or ServiceNow to drive more advanced workflows. 

After this initial launch of the Workspace ONE Marketplace, we’ll follow with even more value-added tools for administrators, such as: 

  • Dashboard templates. These collections of common dashboard widgets allow consolidation of relevant visualizations for an entire use case at one central location. This will help admins get quick visibility into use cases such as device deployment, mobile security, frontline user experience, and more — all without having to build your own custom dashboards and visualizations from scratch. 
  • Sensors and scripts. These will bring powerful sensors and scripts into the marketplace to provide fine-grained system-level controls, remediation codes, and more for your desktop deployments. 

We are very excited about the opportunities for engagement within the Workspace ONE Marketplace, and we would love to hear your own ideas. Post your thoughts on our ideas page (choose “WS1C – Cloud Admin Hub” workspace).