VMware Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE integrates with Google Cloud’s BeyondCorp Enterprise and Google Workspace to support context-aware access policies on mobile devices

VMware is pleased to announce the tech preview of our integration with BeyondCorp Enterprise and Google Workspace for Android and iOS devices. Through this new integration, organizations can provide employees with secure access to private and SaaS applications, as well as Google Workspace applications, on their enrolled mobile devices.  

Google Cloud and VMware have been working together for a number of years with the shared goal of enabling organizations to adopt a never-trust, always-verify mentality around application access. The rapid growth of hybrid work models has only intensified the need for such an approach. With a growing number of employees needing access to apps and resources across a variety of locations and devices, organizations are constantly faced with new challenges and security threats. Having access anywhere is key to keeping employees engaged with their work, but how do we also balance security, especially at scale?   

BeyondCorp Enterprise and Google Workspace use context-aware access policies to enable organizations to create and enforce secure access to private apps and SaaS apps based on a variety of granular attributes and contextual information such as location, IP address, and user identity. For example, policies could be configured so that users can only access Google Drive if their device has storage encrypted, or they could only access a corporate app if their operating system was running the most up-to-date version (among other factors).  

This new integration allows organizations to incorporate VMware Workspace ONE UEM’s mobile device compliance status as a condition to create context-aware policies in Google. As VMware Workspace ONE UEM continuously feeds compliance and management data to Google, enrolled devices will lose access to corporate resources if they become non-compliant. To ensure a non-disruptive approach to productivity, no actions are required by employees as they move between work modes — the VMware Workspace ONE and Google BeyondCorp Alliance integration ensures they have appropriate access based on their device status.  

VMware Workspace ONE and Google Workspace

If you are already using BeyondCorp Enterprise, Google Workspace Enterprise, or Cloud Identity Premium, setting up this integration is simple through a new configuration wizard in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Check out the product documentation for more details on how to try it out.