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Workspace ONE and Google Cloud Help Customers Adopt a Never-Trust, Always-Verify Security Mentality

As organizations look to provide secure application access and deliver a smooth and automated IT experience across on-prem and multiple clouds, VMware is announcing a deeper integration of VMware Workspace ONE with Google Cloud.

Google’s BeyondCorp architecture has influenced the way many organizations approach IT security moving from a VPN-based approach for users outside of the network perimeter to a perimeter-less approach with a never-trust, always-verify mentality.

VMware is an industry leader in unified endpoint management (UEM) with Workspace ONE UEM and enables IT, administrators, to manage all types of devices and gain valuable insights into device fleets such as device status, apps and compliance.

This new integration will enable Google Cloud’s context-aware access engine to consume the signals that Workspace ONE provides through its APIs. These signals will indicate whether the device is under management and meets the compliance requirements as defined by the organization that the device is accessing. Access to applications protected by Google Cloud’s context-aware access, including workloads in Google Cloud and G Suite will be better protected by Workspace ONE’s rich compliance rules.

With this integration, VMware and Google Cloud customers will be able to leverage existing investments in both platforms to enable devices to be under control and compliant to protect data. As the BeyondCorp approach is to never trust and always verify, Workspace ONE will continually feed the compliance status information to Google Cloud’s context-aware access engine, allowing access to be revoked at any time a device becomes non-compliant.

Workspace ONE Google Cloud

Enabling the integration with Google Cloud will be as simple as adding your Customer ID and Secret in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Once activated, Workspace ONE will send devices’ management and compliance status to context-aware access. As soon as Workspace ONE recognizes a change in a device’s status this change will be also be communicated.

Learn more about Google Cloud and Workspace ONE integration here.

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