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What’s new with VMware Horizon at VMware Explore 2022 Europe?

It is that time again. After a great VMware Explore conference in the United States, VMware Explore 2022 Europe is here! We are excited to showcase the latest and greatest in the VDI and DaaS space with our VMware Horizon portfolio. 

At VMware Explore US, some of the innovative announcements we made included general availability of our VMware Horizon Cloud next-gen platform and Published Apps on Demand capabilities with VMware App Volumes. Shortly after, we announced our expanded collaboration with Amazon Web Services.  

Let’s take a closer look at each, and we’ll also provide some exciting updates. 

Horizon Cloud next-gen platform 

At Explore US, we announced general availability of our next-gen hybrid desktop-as-a-service platform, specifically for Microsoft Azure. The goals we set out for the new platform were intended to help customers lower costs of their VDI and DaaS deployment, rapidly scale their environments, automate processes through APIs, and improve overall visibility and troubleshooting. We’re happy to have met these goals, and customers are already deploying Horizon Cloud next-gen in production.  

As a next step, we are announcing that Horizon 8 on-prem and cloud customers using new Horizon SaaS subscriptions will be able to connect their environments to the Next-Gen Horizon Cloud control plane, to give unified management benefits. Customers can have a true hybrid deployment and management experience across on-prem and Azure and realize the benefits of our next-gen platform. Stay tuned as we plan to support even more multi-cloud options to cover even more deployment types.

Published Apps on Demand 

At Explore US, we also announced new App Volumes capabilities, which when available will revolutionize app publishing on generic RDSH servers. Published Apps on Demand will enable IT admins to hone in on the concept of a single gold image by separating app deployment to hosted app servers from the underlying OS on those servers. Users can still share the same host, while the apps that they are running in their individual sessions can be different. Essentially, the server is created dynamically, one session and one app at a time, based on a user’s needs. This can be scaled by adding more servers with that same generic gold image, and then the sky’s the limit! The Published Apps on Demand capability will help IT to save the effort required to publish apps through simplified management, curtail the hardware expense needed to save apps, and make apps more secure.  

Horizon with Amazon WorkSpaces Core 

In September, we announced an expanded collaboration between VMware and Amazon Web Services integrating Horizon and Amazon WorkSpaces Core. When it’s available, customers will be able to deploy Horizon virtual desktops on Amazon WorkSpaces and on Amazon WorkSpaces Core. Amazon WorkSpaces Core extends Amazon WorkSpaces services by providing a set of new APIs that can be used for integrations by partners like VMware to seamlessly provision and manage Amazon WorkSpaces Core capacity. Read the blog to learn more.  

I assure you that we are just getting started with these three key areas. Reach out to your VMware rep to learn more about these solutions and more.  

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