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Revolutionize virtual apps by publishing apps on demand on generic RDSH servers

The remote workforce has spread end users, apps, and devices across the globe, making work for IT admins more challenging. But across an ever-changing lT landscape, managing RDSH server farms stands out as one area where administrators are particularly challenged. That’s why we’re proud to announce Published Apps On Demand capabilities, which will be available soon, that could revolutionize publishing apps on generic RDSH servers. 

The challenges of managing and publishing apps 

Management of RDSH server farms has unique challenges as apps are often sprawled across multiple farms to make it easier to update them. This setup ultimately has the following challenges: 

  • Difficulty in anticipating the resources needed to meet user demand. 
  • Users must be “drained” from one farm to another when an app is updated. 
  • Extra hardware is needed, which leads to increased cost and management effort. 
  • Installing apps and scanning them can be time consuming. 
  • Complex entitlements need to be handled correctly.  
  • Users might have multiple sessions across farms, leading to a disjointed user experience. 

Publish apps on demand with App Volumes: the concept 

To simplify this and make app management easier, we are tackling these challenges directly. Leveraging the recent Apps On Demand capabilities from App Volumes in conjunction with our multi-session capabilities will enable admins to hone in on the concept of a single gold image. Once available, Published Apps on Demand will allow users to share the same host, while the apps that they are running in their individual sessions can be different. This will allow IT admins to save on hardware while creating a very tailored Windows session for their users. Essentially, the server is created dynamically, one session and one app at a time, based on a user’s needs. This can be scaled by adding more servers with that same generic gold image, and then the sky’s the limit! 

Horizon Published Apps On Demand

By eliminating the challenges from “farming” admins will have more time and tools to help keep apps up to date and secure. For instance, when updating from an older version of Google Chrome or Slack, admins will not have to spend too much time, effort, and resources to do that.  

Apps are everywhere! Yet we believe we’re revolutionizing how they’re managed with the ability to publish apps on demand. To see this in action, join the breakout session, “Still Spending Too Much Time Watering Your RDSH App Farms? [EUSB2080USD],” that Jeff Ulatoski is presenting during VMware Explore. 

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