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Apps On Demand – Ron’s Cool Feature of the Week

In the Ron’s Cool Feature video series, I talk with VMware Product Managers, Engineers, and Field Engineers to dig into and find cool and sometimes overlooked features within our product stacks. Some of these will be new and exciting with lots of fanfare, and others may just be a cool feature that I think has been overlooked but has the ability to really impact the average admin that is dealing with our technology on a daily basis.

This week I chat with Jeff Ulatoski, the Product Manager for App Volumes, about the new Apps On Demand feature that is part of App Volumes. This is a great feature that will reduce complexity in your Windows image and will speed up user logins when using App Volumes.

These apps, even though packaged and managed like any other App Volumes app, are still assigned to the user, but these are only delivered when the user runs the application. As a user attempts to launch the app the virtual disk for that package is mounted to the machine and the file system and registry are presented into the desktop as if the app is installed locally. Even though it’s mounted in real-time the results are the same as any other App Volumes package, with a native look and feel for the application. 

This is also a great distribution model because most of us only use a handful of Windows applications daily while maintaining dozens of applications in our Windows image because we MAY use them at some point in the year. On Demand delivery is perfect for these applications. Why pay the login or image management penalties for apps that are rarely used?

If you’re looking at your app management solution, you are going to want to check out this feature and all that is new App Volumes.

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