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Google ChromeOS devices are now a validated solution with VMware Horizon for healthcare

This post is co-authored by Naveen Viswanatha, Head of Product, Chrome OS Solutions.

VMware Horizon provides more secure ways to deliver IT services for end users through virtual desktops and published applications. For many clinical use cases, doctors, nurses and other caregivers need to move from room to room in order to provide patient care. Having the flexibility to quickly log in and out of systems while having access to important applications such as electronic medical record (EMR) software is essential. The ability to use printers, barcode scanners and other healthcare peripherals is equally important. With the advent of telemedicine, even the use of webcams has become highly prevalent. For non-clinical use cases, the ability to provide flexible and hybrid work options along with minimal downtime during system updates is crucial.

Google ChromeOS is a highly secure endpoint that can provide access to critical applications delivered through VMware Horizon. ChromeOS devices are easy to deploy and manage remotely, are available in several form factors, and integrate with numerous peripherals and displays. In addition, ChromeOS Flex allows ChromeOS to be installed on existing endpoints to extend the life of existing infrastructure while gaining all the benefits mentioned above.

Today, we are happy to announce the inclusion of ChromeOS devices in our VMware Horizon Deployment Guide for Healthcare as a validated solution for VMware Horizon. VMware and Google have been jointly working on the needs of various Healthcare personas. We identified a solution stack consisting of ChromeOS devices, peripherals, Imprivata Onesign, and VMware Horizon, and then optimized and tested it in our labs.

“We are delighted to see that ChromeOS devices are now a validated solution with VMware Horizon for healthcare use cases. Together, VMware Horizon and ChromeOS offer a technology stack that gives healthcare practices the security and flexibility they need to provide great patient care.”

Thomas Riedl, Director of Product Management for ChromeOS

Please visit the VMware validated peripherals page to see the list of badge readers, barcode scanners, credit card readers, printers, webcams, microphones, speakers, card scanners, headsets and USB hubs that were tested with ChromeOS devices and Horizon 2111 (ESB) to ensure smooth functioning of the solution.

VMware has validated VMware Horizon on ChromeOS devices for the following healthcare use cases: 

  • Shared clinical devices – such as nurse stations, workstation on wheels, and patient rooms – provide continuous EHR access to caregivers, with seamless use of badge readers, barcode scanners, and dictation devices.
  • Assigned provider books – including on-site and work from home – allow for hybrid work scenarios, and assure a seamless transition between on-site work and WFH when it comes to network connectivity, printer access, and privacy need.
  • Emergency response – such as ambulances – benefit from LTE based, rugged Chromebooks with extended battery lifetime to unblock paramedics whenever needed.
  • Training – education center use cases – support shareable, easy to manage devices with ephemeral sessions for temporary usage
  • Back office, IT, administration – benefit from a minimal attack surface both on the OS and application level to reduce the risk of ransomware and virus attacks to a minimum.

In the upcoming months we intend on doing further validation testing with dictation and other devices unlocking capabilities for several more personas. Google and VMware are committed to working together to support your healthcare use cases.

Learn more

Review the VMware Horizon Deployment Guide for Healthcare. Additionally, you can also visit the VMware EUC as well as Google booths at VMware Explore in San Francisco to get a firsthand experience of the combined stack at work.

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Naveen Viswanatha leads the Chrome OS product and engineering teams focused on industry solutions. Prior to this role, Naveen led the Chrome OS Education team and was a founding member of Google Cloud. Naveen has over 20 years of industry experience and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.