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Securing Windows with Workspace ONE Intelligence and Carbon Black – Demo video

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence and VMware Carbon Black provide a modern, cloud-based enterprise security approach to better secure users and endpoints. To manage the risks related to modern-day cyber threats, Workspace ONE Intelligence and Carbon Black combine insights from Workspace ONE, an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform, with Carbon Black to deliver predictive and automated security in the digital workspace. This contrasts with existing security tools, which often provide IT with limited visibility, focusing only on siloed security areas that provide legacy functionality. This results in a temporary and expensive solution due to the complexity and manual tasks involved in trying to secure a digital workspace.

In this demo, we will demonstrate the power of the VMware security ecosystem. Workspace ONE Intelligence provides automated threat response actions using UEM managed profiles to defend against malware that was detected by Carbon Black.

After you have watched this video, we encourage you to run through this demo yourself on TestDrive by following these steps.