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New Study Shows that Digital Employee Experience is Critical for Hybrid Work

Employee experience is top of mind for many organizations in the new era of anywhere work. As the workforce shifted to hybrid work, supporting remote work and making employees successful – no matter where they worked – became a priority. However, organizations can’t improve what they can’t measure, and challenges related to employee experience with technology are continuing to cause business disruptions and loss of productivity.

That’s why IT leaders are accelerating investment and adoption of digital employee experience (DEX). To be successful, a comprehensive employee experience strategy is required to ensure high quality experiences both for employees, as well as for the IT and helpdesk teams supporting them. This strategy includes delivering seamless experiences; measuring these experiences; and when issues arise, analyzing the root cause and then remediating them through rich insights and recommendations, remote support, and intelligent self-service.  

VMware believes that to be successful in hybrid work, companies need to consider both the solutions that they’re using to provide end users with resources (i.e., their suite of EUC solutions for management, access, and security) as well as the solutions that they’re using to gather insights into the experience that end users are having every day.

By taking a platform approach, IT can holistically view the workforce experience across applications, mobile and desktop devices, and network and security policies, and then deliver improvements. In addition, they can also collect feedback directly from the employees they’re supporting. 

A new research study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of VMware, “Optimizing Digital Employee Experience for Anywhere Work,” shows that:

  • 75% of organizations are making digital employee experience (DEX) a higher or top priority
  • Only 25% of organizations currently implement a comprehensive DEX solution; 60% expect to implement one in the next 24 months 
  • 75% of organizations implement three or more solutions to address DEX versus a comprehensive, integrated solution 

You can read more about how to think about digital employee experience in your organization in the study here

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