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Introducing Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon

For years, VMware Workspace ONE Assist has enabled businesses across the globe to successfully provide remote employee support for mobile devices and laptops managed by VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). And today, we’re excited to announce the launch of VMware Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon—a remote employee support solution specifically designed for VMware Horizon customers with cloud-managed virtual desktop deployments.

Transform the Digital Employee Experience with Remote Support

In the remote work era, Horizon helps organizations improve security and decrease costs with streamlined desktop and app virtualization to ensure employees can work anytime, anywhere, across any device. However, it’s not just a winning combination of technology that boosts employee engagement, productivity, enthusiasm and loyalty. At the end of the day, the technology has to work.

Happy and engaged employees are critical to business success—and nothing puts more of a damper on morale than tech problems—which can cost a company millions of dollars a year in support and lost productivity.

Unfortunately, technological problems are inevitable, and the same digital tools that empower employees one minute can be a roadblock the next—costing companies millions of dollars a year in lost productivity and support. While self-service support options (like AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants) are convenient, they may not always provide the level of support necessary for more complex IT issues. That’s why a remote employee support solution is critical for organizations supporting an anywhere workforce. According to a recent HDI survey commissioned by VMware, improved productivity and efficiency, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and decreased device and app downtime were cited as the top three benefits of remote support. Those surveyed also saw significant performance improvements within their support organizations after implementing remote support, including a 30% average decrease in average handle time (AHT), 35% average decrease in mean time to resolution rate (MTTR) and 37% average increase in first call resolution (FCR) rate.

According to HDI, support organizations saw a 35% average decrease in mean time to resolution rate (MTTR) and 37% average increase in first call resolution (FCR) rate after implementing a remote support solution.

While remote support has become ubiquitous when it comes to mission-critical device deployments and increasingly more critical for mobile and laptop deployments, its important business leaders continue to expand their ability to remotely support employees across all use cases, including those who rely on virtual desktops to do their job. As desktop and app virtualization adoption continues to accelerate, VMware has kept a fast pace of innovation to ensure Horizon customers can provide an exceptional digital workspace experience to their employees with enterprise-grade remote employee support.

Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon

Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon is a cloud-based solution within the VMware Horizon Control Plane—and component of the Help Desk service—that supports cloud-connected Horizon pods across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. With Workspace ONE Assist for Horizon, IT and help desk staff can easily launch support sessions and remotely view and control virtual desktops to assist employees with tasks and issues directly from the Horizon Universal Console.

  • Minimize Downtime: Assist employees with tasks and quickly resolve issues with real-time remote view and control capabilities, directly from the Horizon Universal Console.
  • Improve Employee Experience: Ensure employees stay productive and engaged with streamlined, consumer-like remote support across all their virtual desktops.
  • Ensure Employee Privacy and Trust: Notify employees when their screen is visible and give them the ability to reject certain access requests, as well as pause or end a remote session at any time for enhanced privacy.
  • Decrease Support Costs: Eliminate the need for in-person support and equip IT help desks with the reliable support features they need, including screen draw, to highlight items and guide employees through various tasks; ability to view a virtual, on-screen version of the end-user’s keyboard to support various layouts and languages; virtual file and folder management and command line access; and session recording for training or escalation purposes.

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