VMware Workspace ONE Employee Experience

6 Ways I Use Workspace ONE Boxer for a Leaner Workflow

I’ve been learning all about our Workspace ONE productivity apps since joining the employee experience team. A couple of questions came through my mind: what is the most popular app and why should I use it? What is it about the app that makes it unique for me as an office worker who at times is on the go?

Within the Workspace ONE Productivity family of 8 apps, Workspace ONE Boxer is the most popular. Workspace ONE Boxer is an enterprise email, calendar and contacts system that allows me to be more productive on my Android mobile device while in the office or away from my desk.

Let me share the most unique features of Workspace ONE Boxer that helps me keep a leaner workflow that enables me to be more efficient and productive on the go:

  1. Multiple mailbox support – To me, this is an important feature as it allows me to add additional email accounts and switch between them. I can even send mail from different accounts, so I always remind myself to double-check the “From” before clicking Send.
  2. Home time zone from Calendar settings – My family lives in the East Coast so this feature makes it a lot easier for me to work from Florida. I can change the home time zone to Eastern Standard Time (EST) so my calendar and meetings displays to my updated home time zone during my stay.
  3. Customizable Swipe actions – I don’t know about you but I’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately from mailing lists I never subscribed to. These emails disrupt my workflow and I can’t get rid of them fast enough. Workspace ONE Boxer has Swipe actions such as left short/long swipe or right short/long swipe that I are customizable to me so I can flag, archive, delete and more. I chose Delete as my customized the left short swipe.
  4. Out of office setting – I’m guilty of forgetting to send out-of-office replies. I usually schedule it as a task to be sure I’ll do it. Workspace ONE Boxer allows me to enable the Out of Office option from my mobile device. This feature allows me to be worry-free especially when I forget!
  5. Quick join for online meetings – This quick join feature saves me a lot of time on days with tons of back-to-back meetings. We use both Microsoft Teams and Zoom for online meetings, and Workspace ONE Boxer supports both, so jumping from one meeting to another is a simple one tap from the invitation.
  6. My final callout is security – In case I ever lose my phone or it’s unattended for any reason, Workspace ONE Boxer has biometric security guarding so I feel assured that no unauthorized emails would ever be sent on my behalf.

Workspace ONE Boxer is the latest application I’ve been using since joining VMware. These top six features have helped me stay up to date and maintain a lean and organized work life and flow!