VMware Workspace ONE Employee Experience

My Virtual Onboarding Experience with VMware Workspace ONE

Virtual phone screening, virtual interviews, virtual offer? Check. Starting a brand-new job in the middle of COVID-19? Totally unchecked. Nervous? You bet.

I’ve started new jobs before, but they’ve all been in person. My hiring manager would be a familiar face on day one, walking me to get a badge, handing me a laptop, and introducing me to everyone in the office.

Joining a new company during COVID-19, I had no idea what to expect. Some of my teammates have also onboarded remotely, but this experience was especially important to me as I’m joining the VMware Workspace ONE employee experience team. I’m actually my own use case! Today, I’m going to share my onboarding experience with Workspace ONE.

Communication with VMware started before my first day. I received a welcome email from VMware with my username, instructions for virtual onboarding, and information about my laptop. I got to pick out what model of laptop I wanted, and then I got notified that it would be delivered on my first day. Cool!

On my starting day, I just had go through a few steps. First, I got an email with a personalized one-time link that gave me access to VMware’s digital workspace, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. Next, I registered my mobile device for multi-factor authentication. I finished up by setting up self-service password reset, again right in Intelligent Hub. I was able to authenticate and get myself set up all on my own in about an hour! The hardest part of the entire setup was on me, when I had to create my password.

It didn’t go unnoticed — everything starts with the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, and that experience on the web and on my Android phone were exactly the same.

While I was waiting for delivery of my VMware laptop, I was able start accessing resources from my personal devices. I used Zoom to attend a new employee training session, and I could already access mail via Boxer. This was the first time in a long time that I started off with just a few new pieces of mail in my inbox, but I’m sure it won’t be long until it fills up, and I can’t wait!

My employee experience journey at VMware has begun. I’m still learning about all the available communication tools and applications, but as a new virtual employee during this challenging and unique time, I feel welcomed and connected.