As the future of work is evolving and hybrid models seem to be the choice of many organizations, IT teams must quickly adjust. Providing employee choice, flexibility and productivity while maintaining high standards of security is challenging. In addition, IT teams are constantly looking for ways to optimize their operations and often are required to align to business objectives. As our customers are strategizing on the future of work for their organizations, they are looking to us for solutions.

To that end, today we announced VMware Anywhere Workspace. As part of this solution, we want to help IT teams deal with the complexity of their environments by making the workspace more simple, responsive and efficient. In this blog, we’ll share some of the newest innovations in Workspace ONE that contribute to automating the workspace.

Experience analytics

VMware’s Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) solution, powered by Workspace ONE Intelligence, delivers insights into the digital employee experience across any mobile device and desktop devices. 

At VMworld 2020, we announced the employee experience score, which provides an at-a-glance overview of the health of the environment, across users, apps and devices. 

Today, we are announcing a new capability in DEEM, called Incidents. Incidents will deliver root cause analysis (RCA) automation, enabling data-driven RCA for incident detection and remediation. Incidents is expected to be in beta in VMware’s Q1FY22. 

Incidents will empower IT admins to automate incident management with contextual dashboards that are relevant to the specific issues at hand, speed up troubleshooting by surfacing relevant diagnostic information, and reduce time to resolution (TTR) with automated remediation recommendations based on machine learning models.  

One of the biggest issues we hear about from our customers is information overload, including dashboard and alert fatigue. It’s difficult to focus on the most important issues in a sea of notifications, alerts, dashboards and reports. With Incidents, we will not only help IT cut through the noise by automatically providing the most relevant data, but we will also allow IT to reduce alert fatigue by setting thresholds and aggregating similar alerts. For example, IT could set a policy to only get alerted when an application crash rate is above 2%. 

Workflow orchestration and automation for the modern IT admin

At VMworld we also announced Freestyle Orchestrator, a low-code, canvas UI-based IT orchestration platform built into the Workspace ONE UEM console. 

Freestyle Orchestrator gives IT the power to create and deploy complex workflows to achieve tasks and address key modern management issues such as: 

  • App and profile sequencing – Automate app and profile deployments and updates with dependencies. 
  • Security remediation and compliance – Target specific devices for security remediation and patch updates. 
  • Onboarding – Automate and simplify the onboarding process for new employees and new devices. 
  • Software and hardware inventory – Manage software and hardware inventory across your technology environment. 
  • Precision targeting – Perform tasks on a pre-defined set of devices based on granular criteria. 

Customers can try Freestyle Orchestrator in Tech Preview. Initially supporting Windows 10, customers can now try additional Freestyle Orchestrator features for macOS. Freestyle Orchestrator will later expand into all platforms – including mobile – and integrate into the full Workspace ONE platform, including 3rd party systems across the IT ecosystem. Learn more about getting started with the Freestyle Orchestrator Tech Preview at Tech Zone. 

Learn more about VMware Anywhere Workspace on May 5 and 6

We are excited to bring these innovations to market and help our customers thrive in this new dynamic and complex work environment for a better user experience. To learn more about VMware Anywhere Workspace and how it can support your EUC strategy, see our announcement overview blog post from Shawn Bass, today’s press release, and today’s blog post from Sanjay Poonen

On May 5 and 6, we will present a global online event, Leading Change: Build Trust with the Anywhere Workspace. Attendees can hear from our customers and industry experts, and learn more about Anywhere Workspace, as well as the latest in Workspace ONE, VMware SASE, and Carbon Black. You can see the full list of speakers and register today

Note: There is no commitment or obligation that beta features or products will become generally available. This information is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied, and is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions regarding VMware offerings.