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VMware Workspace ONE will be at Okta Oktane21 April 6-8. Here’s what you need to know.

Okta Oktane21 runs next week, April 6-8, and the VMware team will be at this free virtual event to showcase the VMware Workspace ONE integration with Okta.

We will demonstrate how Workspace ONE and Okta can help your employees get secure access to corporate resources from any location and from any device, based on a Zero Trust framework and with a superior employee experience.

To learn more, join our breakout session on April 7th, at 11.30 AM Pacific. This session features VMware’s Greg Armanini and Steven D’Sa, along with Rusty Burchfield, Head of Security, DoorDash. You’ll learn about the latest in our integration, such Factor-Based Device Trust between VMware and Okta.

Zero Trust and Employee Experience are critical for your organization’s digital workspace success

How many branch offices did your organization open last year? If your answer is zero, then think again. If your organization has 10,000 employees, then you opened 10,000 branch offices in the last one year as your employees started working from anywhere.

How we work has changed and in this new world, organizations need to move from simply supporting remote work to becoming “Anywhere organizations.” Now, employees are no longer confined to the boundaries of the office, and they access corporate resources of all types (SaaS, on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud) from all types of managed and unmanaged devices.

In 2021, companies are optimizing their remote work capabilities, and many are thinking about finally truly implementing Zero Trust.

Controlling access to enterprise resources based on these principles is a foundational tenant of strong cybersecurity. Zero Trust is a conditional access control framework that requires continuous verification of trust before allowing application access, with the least privilege.

At the same time, securing the digital employee experience requires special attention. Employees need easy, secure access to all their resources, and they want password-free single sign-on.

So, how do you manage these IT complexities and security without compromising employee experience?

VMware with Okta can help

VMware Workspace ONE simplifies your journey to Zero Trust by providing a holistic, platform-based approach that combines rich context from users, devices, applications and more with conditional access policies. Okta provides authorization to the user. And VMware Workspace ONE Access acts as a broker to provide smart authentication based on device posture.

By leveraging VMware Workspace ONE and Okta, organizations can embark on the Zero Trust journey and enhance employee experience with password-less single sign-on access to the cloud, mobile, web and Windows apps.

To learn more about VMware and Okta, see our white paper, Getting Started with Zero Trust: Okta + VMware Workspace ONE. In it, we look at why and how access management and device management are the core technologies that organizations should start with on their Zero Trust journeys.

If you still have questions, such as…

  • How do I only allow access to resources from trusted devices?
  • How can I implement a passwordless authentication strategy? How do I only allow access to resources from trusted devices?
  • How can integrating Workspace ONE with Okta improve my security posture?

…then be sure to stop by the VMware virtual booth for a discussion on how Workspace ONE and Okta can help you deliver on your Zero Trust goals.