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VMware App Volumes Announcements VMware Horizon

Announcing extended support for VMware App Volumes 2.18

Today, we are sharing that VMware is extending the App Volumes 2.18 support period for an additional year, to September 16, 2022. 

VMware is committed to bringing great products to market that meet both our customers’ short-term and long-term needs. We do this by listening to our customers when designing new products, and by providing world-class support throughout the product lifecycle. With App Volumes, we are keeping both short and long-term needs in mind. 

With the release of App Volumes 4 in January 2020, VMware brought a multitude of new functionality to Horizon’s virtual application management. Admins, packagers, and application owners can easily manage the full lifecycle of applications and assign their apps to Instant Clone desktops. To make all this possible, VMware introduced a new package format and a new App Volumes agent to enable the performance needed for single-app-per-package granularity.  

In addition to a new format, App Volumes 4 was also supplemented with an App Volumes Migration Utility Fling to help customers convert from their App Volumes 2.x AppStacks to the new App Volumes 4 package format.   

Due to the complexity and read/write nature of Writable Volumes, VMware wants to provide customers with additional time, tools and guidance for migration to App Volumes 4. So, as mentioned, we have extended the App Volumes 2.18 support period for an additional year, to September 16, 2022. This gives customers with 2.x Writable Volumes more time before migration. Visit the VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix for more details. 

While customers may continue to use the 2.18 agent as well as their existing AppStacks and Writable Volumes, VMware highly recommends that customers begin upgrading their App Volumes Manager to the latest version of App Volumes 4. The App Volumes 4 Manager server fully supports the 2.18 agents via the “Volumes (2.X)” interface built into App Volumes 4. 

For more information on running App Volumes 4 with planned co-existence of 2.18 agents, please see the following Digital Workspace Tech Zone article about VMware App Volumes 4 Installation and Upgrade Considerations

We understand that customers are excited to make use of the new App Volumes 4 technology and we want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we work towards the best solution for your Writable Volumes.