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Package Delivered: App Volumes 4

Today it is our pleasure to announce the general availability of VMware App Volumes 4. There is quite a bit in store for you!

For those of you that are new to App Volumes, you may be wondering how the product will help you improve day-to-day management of desktop applications and reduce operational expenses. For existing customers who currently use App Volumes, you are probably asking some important questions about how this new version is different and if there is an easy path to upgrade.

Last week we provided a sneak peak of App Volumes 4 with a few screenshots and descriptions. We believe you will find the new features help set a foundation for better desktop management.

When it comes to application management, App Volumes 4 is designed to simplify the day-to-day activities of administrators, reducing their overall workload. Just like in previous versions, applications are captured in a virtual disk and automatically delivered to users when they login. This means in conjunction with just-in-time management technologies such as Horizon Instant Clone and Dynamic Environment Manager.  Every time users log on, they are provided a freshly minted desktop customized with their specific applications and settings. No more stale VMs with old vulnerable operating systems and outdated versions of applications taking up valuable disk space and raising operational costs.

One of the biggest challenges with managing anything, including apps, is managing their change. Software vendors are continually pushing new application updates and end users’ needs are constantly changing along with the business. So how do we manage this change?

App Volumes has been fitted with a whole new set of features to help manage updates from the application provider and the changes by the user. By decoupling package management from assignment management, your IT team can now scale to meet the needs of your users. In App Volumes we have provided tools to manage the full lifecycle of an application, from cradle to grave. We truly believe you will be able to package an app only once and deliver it everywhere on demand!

For those of you who have App Volumes already, we have given special considerations to ensure a successful and seamless upgrade. Not only will managing applications updates be easier, but also the upgrading of App Volumes itself.

Check out What’s New in App Volumes 4 for more details. It is available today!