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VMware RemoteHelp Enables Wireless Service Providers to Remotely Support Subscribers at Scale

With concerns about the recent health emergency top of mind for businesses globally, VMware is committed to offering remote support solutions that digitally transform employee and customer experiences for business continuity. In this blog, we’re excited to announce VMware RemoteHelp, our new remote customer support solution, is now generally available.

The recent health emergency and social distancing have made mobile devices and apps more important than ever, enabling us to virtually connect with family, friends and essential services, like first responders, healthcare, government agencies and schools. In response, wireless service providers have stepped up and taken various measures to ensure their subscribers stay connected during this critical time. Several providers, like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, have signed the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected pledge, committing to not terminate service to any customer because of their inability to pay a bill due to disruptions caused by the health emergency. Some providers are even offering unlimited data and free service.

As more and more people across the global continue to rely on mobility to work, learn and socialize remotely, wireless service providers must take extra steps to appropriately support their subscribers, and the increased demand and usage, by providing exceptional customer service. Customer service and support not only has the biggest impact on customer experience (CX), but is critical in keeping everyone connected, at a time when they need it the most. According to Zendesk, 82% of people have stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service, and amid the global health emergency, this statistic endures. While self-service resources, like documentation and AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, are important, most consumers still prefer human agents, and many wireless service providers have taken notice. T-Mobile, for example, recently reinvented their customer care model with the launch of Team of Experts, a model that forgoes robots and automated phone menus, putting customers who call or message the company for help in-touch with a support expert located in their city.

According to a recent CGS Consumer Customer Service Survey, when it comes to support, nearly 50% of respondents said they prefer a live support agent over self-service resources. Live support agents are especially important when it comes to complicated or technical issues, since they are able to react and adapt to the complexity of an individual’s problem and resolve the issue.

However, simply providing customers access to live agents isn’t enough. According to a study by J.D. Power, wireless customers are generally satisfied with their service provider—until they have to work too hard to resolve a problem. This means wireless service providers must equip their customer support reps with the right digital tools in order to reduce wait times, resolve issues faster, and avoid putting customers on hold or transferring them to another support team. One of the most important tools providers can implement to boost CX is a remote customer support solution, which improves customer service interactions for both the subscriber and support rep alike. No one likes to painstakingly describe or understand an issue over the phone. With a remote customer support solution, the support rep can see what the subscriber’s issue is in real-time to resolve issues faster and without frustration.

Last month, we announced our new remote customer support solution, VMware RemoteHelp, and today, we’re excited to announce it’s now generally available. VMware RemoteHelp is a remote customer support solution that enables customer service organizations, supporting consumer customers and their devices, to quickly help customers with device tasks or issues in real-time. With VMware RemoteHelp, customer support reps can easily launch remote support sessions and view or control customers’ Android and iOS devices, directly from their CRM platform. It was designed specifically with wireless service providers in mind, with capabilities that enable customer support reps to assist wireless subscribers, at scale.

Deliver Exceptional CX and Cut Support Costs with VMware RemoteHelp

• Assist Customers with Tasks or Issues: VMware RemoteHelp enables customer support reps to view or control customer devices in real-time to quickly assist customers with device tasks or issues. VMware RemoteHelp easily supports customers with low-bandwidth, and if a reboot is required, automatically reconnects to the device. By delivering seamless customer service, organizations can decrease customer churn, improve their Net Promoter Score (NPS) and increase customer retention, brand loyalty and referrals.

• Ensure Customer Privacy and Trust: VMware RemoteHelp empowers customers, without sacrificing their privacy. Upon downloading the VMware RemoteHelp app, customers enter a one-time passcode to start the remote session, are notified once their screen is visible, and can pause or end the session at any time.

• Streamline Customer Support: VMware RemoteHelp is a fully customizable, web-based solution that integrates with your existing CRM, identity provider, and SMS gateway, giving customer support reps easy, single sign-on (SSO) access to remote customer support sessions. With SMS gateway integration, support reps can send an automated text message, with a link to the VMware RemoteHelp app, directly to the customer’s device. By improving the customer support process, customer service organizations can reduce support rep frustration and attrition and improve help desk KPIs, like average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR). Streamlined customer service operations also minimizes the number of no fault found (NFF) device returns, which can cost wireless service providers millions of dollars a year.



In light of recent events, providing an exceptional CX, in addition to an outstanding product, is more important than ever. VMware RemoteHelp enables wireless service providers, and other customer service organizations, to quickly boost CX, as well as the customer support rep experience, for sustained business growth. To learn more, visit vmware.com/products/remotehelp.html.