VMware Workspace ONE Featured Mobile Workspace Security

Workspace ONE Trust Network: Continued Momentum

When it comes to offering the best security for your IT investments, it takes a village. For years, enterprises have grappled with deploying and managing multiple tens of security tools across their environment. While each of those tools are excellent in what they do, they do not necessarily integrate well with each other. This leaves admins and security leaders inside an organization spending hundreds of hours keeping these tools updated, manually aggregating data from the various tools and making data-driven decisions on how best to prevent or respond to security threats. The Workspace ONE platform was always designed to be an open platform giving customers the ability to not only take advantage of all the intrinsic capabilities of the platform, but to expand it with their own. With Workspace ONE Trust Network we are able to bring together various best-of-breed security solutions with the goal of aggregating threat intelligence from these partners into the Workspace ONE platform via Workspace ONE Intelligence. This threat intelligence data – when combined with deep device and application compliance information that Workspace ONE Intelligence is able to gather from Workspace ONE platform – provides visibility into security risks and helps to automate device and user focused responses to mitigate risks to the Enterprise. This is further simplified by the Trust Network Ingest API. Now, partners can integrate with Workspace ONE Intelligence faster, ultimately enabling customers to take advantage of the integration sooner.

Pradeo Joins Trust Network

Pradeo has a great long-standing working relationship with VMware going back to the integration with our mobility management solution. Today, we take that relationship further by announcing their partnership with Workspace ONE Trust Network. Taking advantage of our Trust Network Ingest API, Pradeo will soon have their solutions integrated into Workspace ONE Intelligence.


Pradeo delivers a comprehensive range of services to protect data handled through mobile devices and mobile applications. The Pradeo Security solution is recognized for its worldwide leading technology delivering the most accurate and granular mobile threat detection to prevent data leakage and reinforce compliance with data privacy laws. Pradeo Security for Mobile Threat Defense delivers a multi-layered protection (apps, network, device) checking the security compliance of any device (corporate or BYOD) in real-time and providing an advanced understanding of data manipulation performed by applications.

“Corporate and personal data are now extensively accessed by smartphones and tablets, becoming highly exposed to a brand new variety of threats and requiring companies to adapt their security strategy. The integration of Pradeo mobile security data within Workspace One Intelligence further expands security heads visibility into mobile threats and mobile data processing, building blocks to take appropriate security measures in a mobile-first environment,” said Vivien Raoul, Chief Technology Officer.

Workspace One Trust Network is an important part of the overall security offering from Workspace ONE. We look forward to strengthening this ecosystem and bringing greater success to our partners and customers.