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VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network Expands with New Partners and API

Cornerstone for Robust Security

Workspace ONE Trust Network was launched with a single purpose in mind—to offer organizations a comprehensive and modern enterprise security approach to secure their evolving digital workspace. It does this by taking the inherent security capabilities such as data loss prevention (DLP) policies, encryption, and access management built in the Workspace ONE platform and combining them with security partner solutions to remove security silos and simplify security across the digital workspace. The goal is for threat intelligence from partner solutions to be aggregated into the Workspace ONE platform via Workspace ONE Intelligence, which is then able to provide visibility into security risks across the IT environment and automate device and user focused responses to mitigate risks to the enterprise.

Trust Network Ingest API: Easier Integration

Since the launch of Workspace ONE Trust Network, we have added several new features to the Workspace ONE platform to enhance its inherent security capabilities. However, a unique element of Workspace ONE Trust Network is its ability to bring together a group of best-of-breed security partners. At VMworld 2019 in the US, we announced that partner solution integrations from Carbon Black, Lookout and Netskope with Workspace ONE Intelligence became generally available. These integrations have been well-received, and customers are excited about the opportunity to leverage the Workspace ONE platform to manage and secure their IT environment while still working with their chosen security vendors. In support of this interest and our commitment to Workspace ONE Trust Network, VMware is now announcing the Trust Network Ingest API. With this self-serve open ingest API, partners can integrate with Workspace ONE Intelligence faster, ultimately enabling customers to take advantage of the integration sooner.

Workspace ONE Trust Network

New Partners: Expanded Ecosystem

Enabling faster time-to-market for Trust Network partner integrations is a key focus for VMware. Our Trust Network Ingest API is a result of collaborative work with a handful of existing and new partners. Zscaler, a launch partner for Trust Network, provided early input on the API design and will be among the first companies to integrate with it.

Additionally, VMware is also excited to announce the expansion of our Workspace ONE Trust Network ecosystem with two new partners—Zimperium and Wandera. Taking advantage of the newly announced Trust Network Ingest API, these partners will soon have their solutions integrated into Workspace ONE Intelligence. While there are many examples of integration points we’re working on with these partners as part of Workspace ONE Trust Network, let’s take a look at how integrations with these partners will look.


Using Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA), Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) and Zscaler Application (Z App), authorized users can securely connect to SaaS or corporate, internally managed applications from any device in any location. With the Trust Network Ingest API, Zscaler can inform Workspace ONE of real-time threats including malware, botnet and command/control communication, malicious files, and risky sites. These high-resolution results can enable better user behavior analytics and remediation, and Zscaler can perform SSL inspection without any slowdown due to its multitenant cloud architecture and scalability.

“Zscaler is 100 percent in the cloud to serve the cloud and mobile-first enterprise,” said Amit Raikar, Zscaler senior director of business development. “We are proud to be part of the Workspace ONE Trust Network, bringing policy-based access that scales to meet the security needs of any organization. By focusing on securing the user and the application instead of the network, Zscaler and Workspace ONE together seamlessly deliver a superior user experience with increased agility and security.”


Zimperium zIPS provides real-time, on-device protection against Android and iOS threats. zIPS leverages Zimperium’s award-winning machine learning-based engine, z9, to protect mobile endpoints against device compromises, network attacks, phishing attempts, and malicious apps. To date, z9 has detected 100% of zero-day device exploits in the wild without requiring an update or suffering from the delays and limitations of cloud-based detection. zIPS has protected Workspace ONE customers for years with granular, group-based policies based on detected risks and attacks. Leveraging the newly announced API, data about all threats detected by zIPS can now be provided directly into Workspace ONE Intelligence.

“Zimperium and VMware have a shared vision of protecting all endpoints—whether traditional or mobile,” said Jon Paterson, Zimperium CTO. “By providing mobile threat information directly into Workspace ONE Intelligence, Zimperium helps VMware give customers a full view of all devices and users, along with the threats that are targeting them.”


Wandera is a leading mobile security company that provides unified protection for the mobile enterprise. The solution prevents cyber threats, filters content, and enables Zero Trust access to cloud applications. Wandera’s long-standing partnership and integration with VMware has benefited thousands of organizations around the world who strive to manage mobile risks. Wandera Mobile Data Policy helps Workspace ONE customers block unapproved websites, enforce acceptable use, and broker secure access to cloud and on-prem apps; Wandera Mobile Threat Defense protects mobile workers by blocking mobile malware and preventing zero-day phishing attacks, keeping end-users connected and productive.

“Our customers benefit most when Wandera’s real-time insights are integrated into existing IT workflows,” said Michael Covington, vice president of product strategy. “As part of the Workspace ONE Trust Network, Wandera’s threat intelligence and comprehensive risk assessments can now be incorporated into a single, coordinated policy. In addition, Wandera’s security suite extends the enforcement options of Workspace ONE by incorporating in-network capabilities to block inbound threats and protect application access.”

Workspace ONE Trust Network is a vital part of a Digital Ecosystem that provides comprehensive security and spans across all users, devices, applications and networks. We look forward to continuing to expand our ecosystem of security partners through Workspace ONE Trust Network. For more information on Workspace ONE Trust Network, visit our VMware Solutions Exchange.