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VMware at RSA 2020: Intrinsic Zero Trust Access to Any App on Any Device

Cybersecurity discussions are front and center once again as the RSA Conference in San Francisco approaches. This year is no different with some of the top cybersecurity leaders and a dedicated community of peers getting together next week to exchange the biggest ideas that will move the industry forward. Each year, there are more new and powerful tools, products and features released. Yet, the number of cybersecurity breaches continues to rise. This is largely driven by the ever-changing digital environment comprising of users, devices, apps, networks and the data generated.

Productivity needs of users combined by the advent of mobile and cloud technologies have driven users’ behavior to work from any location (inside and outside the traditional network perimeter), from any device (desktop, laptop, mobile, IoT) and consume and create data on any type of application (on-prem, virtual, mobile, SaaS).

This dynamic environment comes with increased complexities in maintaining and updating security policies and tools. Almost all security tools are designed to give you the best protection from only a subset of threats and work only on certain types of devices (mobile, PC, rugged, etc.) or operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.). While some of these newer security tools have a modern, cloud-based approach for optimal efficiency and agility, they like their older siblings still create a problem of plenty for IT and Security admins. A study by IBM indicated that an average cybersecurity team uses 80 different security products from 40 different vendors, many of which are poorly integrated. This leads to complexities as each product must be individually managed and alerts from these tools have to be responded to separately. This is further complicated when tools used for managing vs. securing users, devices and applications are siloed. The situation typically leaves IT and Security teams fatigued, chasing down threats and maintaining security tools, and end-users frustrated with the sub-par experience and negative productivity effects.

If you are to make significant strides in thwarting security threats proactively and consistently without compromising the end-user experience, you need a holistic approach to security. The approach should be cross-platform, use modern data analytics/machine-learning algorithms to inform your decisions and does not lock you down with good-enough security but instead allows you to integrate best-of-breed solutions as needed to still give you an integrated solution. VMware’s Workspace ONE platform gives you just that.

Over the last few years, VMware’s End User Computing business unit has built the industry’s best IT platform for managing users, devices and applications. With end-to-end security built right into the platform by design and not as an afterthought, Workspace ONE provides Zero Trust security all the way from the device to the datacenter. Thanks to the recent addition of Carbon Black to the VMware portfolio, Workspace ONE’s strong compliance view is now further augmented with real-time threat data from Carbon Black’s Endpoint Solutions to strengthen the overall security offering from VMware. Real-time and relevant data are key to offer a highly adaptive and responsive security solution. With that in mind, VMware’s Workspace ONE Platform also leverages data from our Workspace ONE Trust Network partners (Carbon Black, Lookout, Netskope and more..) that can be ingested via our Trust Network API.

Having so much data from so many different sources only makes sense when we are able to take advantage of the data to draw out insights. These insights can help organizations to make decisions and take actions to stay ahead of the game when it comes to improving the security posture of their IT environment. Built with user privacy in mind, Workspace ONE Intelligence – a key component of Workspace ONE,  is a real-time intelligent engine that does exactly that. It leverages data from all these data sources to give IT useful insights and the ability to automate tasks thereby allowing them to take a more hands-off approach while being proactive vs. reactive to security threats. Workspace ONE Intelligence also leverages machine learning to deliver continuous verification with risk analytics and behavior. Risk scores as an output of this is are also tied to various access policies thereby tying Zero Trust principles of “never trust, always verify”. Simply speaking, the lower the risk, the higher is the probability of seamless access to corporate data.

With so many powerful security features tied closely in one platform, Workspace ONE provides the best end-to-end solution for Zero Trust Security for the Digital Workspace.

At RSA 2020, we will be showing a lot of these capabilities at our booth and at our theater sessions. If you are attending the RSA Conference next week, visit our Booth (#6145 and #5873) at the North Expo Hall to learn more about our exciting developments to security. Our COO, Sanjay Poonen, will deliver a keynote titled “Rethink the Way You Secure Your Organization with Intrinsic Security” on Wednesday 2/26 at 10:30AM at Moscone West. And for more information on securing the digital workspace, visit https://www.vmware.com/products/workspace-one/security.html.