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App Volumes Delivers Packages in the New Year!

Happy New Year! App Volumes 4 is almost here, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek!

The next major version in VMware’s virtualized app delivery solution is simplifying some of the most difficult application management challenges.

Back in November we released a beta version bringing a sample of some of the work-in-progress innovations for tackling these management challenges. As Brigitte mentions, managing the delivery and lifecycle of one app is relatively straight forward. Managing hundreds or even thousands of apps; however, requires tools like App Volumes 4 to help reign in these apps.

Here are a few of the ways App Volumes is evolving:

Inventory for Simplified Application Management

App Volumes 4 will provide an inventory consisting of applications, packages and programs. When an application is assigned and a package is delivered to a desktop, these programs are then made available to the logged in user.

App Volumes 4

Organize and Track Applications

The application dashboard provides an owner with information about the application. They can now manage multiple packages, each with different versions and lifecycle stages. An app that was just packaged, would be defaulted as new and then administrators can recategorize to tested when it completes the testing phase, published when it is ready for consumption, and retired when it should no longer be assigned to users for delivery. On the application dashboard, administrators can also see an activity log of all actions performed and refer to any notes left from packagers during packaging.

App Volumes 4

Keep Updates Rolling

Wide sweeping changes in an organization can often be scary, but with App Volumes 4, a new version of an application can easily be rolled out to end-users. Markers, perhaps one of the more novel features, lets an app package be designated as the (current) version. When the (current) marker is moved from one version to a more updated version, all users who have been assigned to the (current) version will get the updated version during the next login session. Rollback is just as simple—just move the (current) marker back!

App Volumes 4

What if an application owner wants to roll back a subset of users or not even roll them on to the new version in the first place?  App Volumes 4 handles these cases with ease. Instead of assigning to the ‘current’ marker, administrators can assign directly to a package.

App Volumes 4

What next?

Keep a look out for the App Volumes 4 announcement!  With the beta now officially closed, the production version will be out shortly and comes with many new features!

Thank you and happy packaging!