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Q4 Updates: What’s New with VMware End User Computing for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations continue to innovate to improve patient care, enhance patient engagement while streamlining operations to reduce costs. We are excited to announce the best Horizon release yet: VMware Horizon® 7 version 7.11 with VMware Horizon® Client 5.3 that includes a number of features designed to help healthcare organizations. We also are excited to announce Workspace ONE integration with Epic, and Horizon 7.10 Extended Service Branch support for Epic’s Target Platform List.

What’s New in VMware Horizon 7 version 7.11 & Horizon Client 5.3

The VMware Horizon 7.11 release includes new features and enhancements to the Horizon platform, the Horizon HTML5 Console, Horizon Agent and Blast enhancements, and VMware Horizon Client. The following list contains a summary of the 7.11 release. For full details on this release, please refer to the Horizon 7.11 blog.

Healthcare-specific deliverables in Horizon 7.11

• Ignore specified application process during log-off – In the 7.11 release, administrators can specify which app processes to ignore so the user can log off from a session.

• RBAC for Help Desk – The admin console can now show/display only the Help Desk Tool (without exposing other management functions in the UI) for help desk admin role users.

• Horizon Client version connection check – Administrators can specify the minimum Horizon client version allowed to connect to their Horizon environment.

• Improved scalability – 12K instant clone desktops sessions per pod.

Horizon 7.11 and CART 5.3 Blogs

VMware Horizon, Workspace ONE and Epic Systems

VMware Horizon 7.10 Extended Service Branch (ESB) is now included in the Epic 2019 Target Platform list, and Horizon 7.11 is on Epic’s Exploratory Platform list. Epic Target Platform helps guide healthcare organizations to choose validated architectures and platforms for the delivery of the electronic medical record (EMR) vendor’s software. Healthcare customers who rely on Epic & VMware Horizon to host, deliver, monitor, and manage their Epic EMR can rely on the Target Platform list to ensure high-quality patient care and improve outcomes at lower costs.

As of Epic’s 2019 August release, Workspace ONE now integrates directly with Epic’s systems and MyChart Bedside app to perform over-the-air device wipes for patient devices. Hospitals do not need to send their EMR activity containing patient data to a middle-man server to initiate a device wipe. The integration of Epic and Workspace ONE lets Epic systems directly call Workspace ONE APIs to wipe a patient’s mobile device immediately after a patient has been discharged or transferred.

Recap – VMware Horizon Deployment Guide for Healthcare

The Horizon Deployment Guide for Healthcare was released in Q3. The purpose of this guide is to help healthcare organizations create an application delivery strategy by understanding user requirements and how applications are consumed at the point of care, including information on VMware Horizon support with third-party products.