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VMware Horizon 7 Deployment Guide for Healthcare Released!

For those in the healthcare field who have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for VMware Horizon 7, your moment has come. We just released the VMware Horizon 7 Deployment Guide for Healthcare, so you can use Horizon 7 to deploy virtual desktops and applications in formats tailored specifically to healthcare providers.

The Deployment Guide explains how Horizon 7 can be successfully deployed in healthcare environments and was released in conjunction with the 7.10 Extended Service Branch release of Horizon 7. You’ll like this release because it includes a slew of enhancements to the peripheral support that is so critical in Horizon implementations in healthcare.

Deployment Guide

This guide provides you with the assets that are most often used by healthcare providers to build out their own Horizon environments. You will find a number of typical use cases for Horizon 7, and you can explore their corresponding service offerings in the document. You can use this guide, along with the Workspace ONE and Horizon 7 Reference Architecture, to find the information you need to make your healthcare environments more effective.

The Horizon 7 Deployment Guide for Healthcare is on TechZone.


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