In late 2017, Google announced that it would deprecate Device Administrator in Android Q. Given that Android Q is going to be released later this year, organizations that have not begun their BYOD Android migration to Android Enterprise are at risk of losing key management capabilities such as password and certain device enforcement rules. We spoke about the impact of device administrator deprecation earlier in the first episode of our Android series.

Organizations must be proactive in coming up with an Android migration strategy and an execution plan to enroll these devices into Android Enterprise to ensure these end-points are secure. Once enrolled, a work profile is deployed on employees’ personal devices, separating work and personal applications for enhanced productivity and security. Additionally, admins enjoy several benefits with Android Enterprise, including consistent and reliable device management, flexible and simple application management, and security by default.

However, migrating personal Android devices to work profile mode can be challenging as it involves un-enrolling and re-enrolling devices, creating complex IT workflows and user adoption issues. In this episode of our Android series, Bhavesh and Tarun discuss how organizations can now seamlessly migrate managed personal legacy Android devices to work profile in few easy steps within the Workspace ONE UEM:

• Smooth end-user experience: Fully automated migration process on the device side that requires minimum end-user engagement. End user is notified with a custom message about the migration. With a simple click, a work profile is automatically configured on their device with no other actions required.

• Consistent device management: Admin never loses management of the devices during the entire migration process. Devices stay within Device Administrator until work profile is successfully created, so devices are always under management even if the migration has failed.

• Real-time visibility: Always-on monitoring tracks migration progress and device health throughout the entire migration process. Admins are enabled to perform small-batch testing and staged migration to ensure confident organization-wide migration deployment.

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