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Workspace ONE Customers Deploy 1M+* Windows 10 Devices in Just the First Six Months of 2019

Workspace ONE demonstrates unprecedented growth of the unified endpoint management (UEM) platform proving once and for all that the age of Modern Management is here!

Windows 10 has shown a steady growth in activations, hitting the halfway mark for commercial PCs. The imminent end-of-support for Windows 7 is clearly top concern for customers, but this is also an excellent opportunity for them to reap benefits of the modern desktop platform that is Windows 10.

Over the last decade, VMware Workspace ONE, powered by AirWatch has been an integral part of our customers’ workforce transformation journeys. Many of these journeys started out with mobile, to a point where Workspace ONE is now managing 10s of millions of these mobile endpoints at cloud-scale. Customers are pushing 50 million plus unique policies to keep devices secure and up to date in real-time. They are deploying 30,000 plus unique apps to ensure employees are productive anywhere and on any device. They are accelerating their journey to cloud and reducing management infrastructure to optimize costs by an incredible 90% plus. And, these customers are not holding back!

Given the mobile-cloud efficiencies of Workspace ONE, we now see customers increasingly leverage the platform to accelerate their Windows 10 rollouts. In fact, the growth for Windows 10 modern management with Workspace ONE is the fastest compared to any other device platform we have supported so far. Just how much?

In the six month period since the beginning of 2019, Workspace ONE has added over 1M+ (one million plus) devices at an unprecedented rate of 170%.* To put this in perspective, Workspace ONE is activating a new Windows 10 device every 16 seconds! Needless to say, customers have finally warmed up to modern desktop management.

Double Clicking into the Modern Management Numbers

Over the same period where Windows 10 modern management with Workspace ONE grew at a rate of 2.7x; the growth of Windows 10 OS and corresponding device activations on traditional client management tools (CMT) have been modest increases of about 1.1x. This clearly shows that there are customers that are rapidly accelerating their modern management journey with Windows 10 and Workspace ONE.

At VMware, we are committed to getting customers to modern management with the fastest time to value and with minimal IT and user disruption. We are doing this by delivering:

  • tools like Workspace ONE AirLift that let customers automate and de-risk transition of cumbersome traditional management tasks – including device collections, enrollment, policies and apps – to a modern approach with Workspace ONE;
  • a complete set of desktop modern management capabilities within Workspace ONE that uniquely go beyond native MDM to bridge the requirements of traditional CMT tasks as well.

Our Customers’ Journeys to Modern Management

Beyond management depth, a significant driver for Workspace ONE growth has also been a wave of our Windows 10 customers that are flipping the switch from POC/pilots to production rollouts… and doing that at ease! For example, our customer zero VMware IT was the first to roll out 25,000 devices across all users and geos; even taking advantage of modern deployment where ready-to-work PCs are now shipped straight to users’ desks or homes. Modern deployment helped our IT team save an average 45min per PC amounting to $1 million plus in just the first year.

Our early customer successes also included a F500 financial services company onboarding 10,000 production devices in just one week after completing their pilot. The company was able to immediately recognize the benefits of lost device and sensitive data protection for their frontline worker devices that live in the field / outside of company boundaries.

Working closely with our early adopters has been a great learning experience as we continued to bolster our product, systems and services. We are now at a point where customers onboarding 100,000 Windows 10 devices in a week is the new normal. In fact, some of our largest rollouts are well on their way of managing 200,000 plus PCs using Workspace ONE. Just how quickly customers can roll out their production requirements is a true testament to Workspace ONE’s cloud-scale and modern management efficiencies.

Every customer’s motivation and the path to modern management is indeed a bit different. IT leaders I speak to on a regular basis have been quick to point out their priorities around enhancing employee engagement on Windows PCs, being better equipped against modern-day security threats, and of course driving down costs of siloed, on-premises and run-the-mill IT operations. Irrespective of the reason, there is tremendous value to be achieved by adopting a consistent digital workspace across your end-user computing footprint. And who better to help you on that journey than VMware –  with our industry-leading digital workspace solution Workspace ONE, a best-in-class engineering team that continues to drive platform innovations every monthly release, and an enthusiastic support and services team that is committed to your success!

This is without doubt one of the most exciting times for me at VMware in my role leading our end user computing business.

* Numbers indicated here refer to new activations of Windows 10 devices and adoption rates since the start of 2019 by existing Workspace ONE customers.  Numbers indicated do not refer to and are not intended as an indication of the level of sales or bookings of Workspace ONE during that period.