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What’s New with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

We have had great momentum and innovation with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. Today, I am excited to announce the April release of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Employee experience should be top of mind for companies so that employees can do their best work wherever they are, and on the device of their choice. This is why we launched Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub last year. With Intelligent Hub, IT can empower employees with a streamlined onboarding experience, unified app catalog, and simplified access to Hub Services such as People, Notifications, and Home Tab whether on mobile, desktop, or web.  After all, it’s about providing employees from 9-5, what they expect from 5-9.

To help our customers keep up with updates, I would like to introduce the first of our video series dedicated to sharing the latest release updates and keeping customers more informed.  In that spirit, we are excited to cover the highlights of our April 2019 release in the video below.


As you can see, there are many exciting features in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. Here is a quick recap of the features we covered in the April 2019 release video:

Improve Productivity with Notifications – Administrators can better the employee experience by capturing employee attention to important messages using priority notifications. Employees can choose their preferred way to triage notifications by filtering on pending, completed or all notifications. Additionally, employees will have an improved reading experience with long and short card formats for notifications.

Consistent Experience Across Platforms – Similar to mobile, employees will have the same experience on web and Mac desktop.  Employees will be able to experience everything from the modern app catalog to People and Notifications; powered via Hub Services.

Note: Hub Services requires hosted Identity Manager instance.  

With Intelligent Hub on Mac, administrators will be able to set up disk encryption and employees will be able to install native apps with Install Monitor.

Launch Okta Apps – Employees can now access and open Okta apps, and have the flexibility to change one’s Okta password all from the Intelligent Hub app.

Favorite Apps Per Platform – Employees can arrange their favorite apps for viewing on a web browser one way, and have the choice to arrange favorite apps a different way on another platform.

Hide Virtual Apps on Mobile Devices – Using virtual apps on smaller screens is not always a great experience for employees. With a one click toggle on the Hub Configurations page, users can now select the option to hide virtual apps on mobile devices with screens smaller than 9 inches.

We’re very excited about our April release! Stay tuned for our next episode of our Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Series.  For updates on VMware Workspace ONE  subscribe to our blog, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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