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How Workspace ONE helps manage multi-modal experience in VMware Anywhere Workspace

The post was written by Marshall Anne Busbee with contributions from Maya Shiran.

Today, we are excited to announce VMware Anywhere Workspace, a solution empowering organizations to embrace work from anywhere for their distributed workforces. Anywhere Workspace brings together VMware Workspace ONE, VMware Carbon Black, and VMware SASE, allowing organizations to manage multi-modal employee experience, better secure the distributed edge, and automate the workspace.

This blog will examine the need to manage multi-model employee experience, and provide the latest updates on Workspace ONE technologies that contribute to this goal.

The need to manage multi-modal employee experience

Managing multi-model employee experience means putting employees first by providing device choice, flexibility, and seamless high-quality experiences. Remote work is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon, however studies show that many employees do miss in-person collaboration with their teammates, so a hybrid or flexible work model is going to be the future. (Work Trend Index Survey, 2021.) The quality of an employee’s experience at home or in the office – and on a personal or corporate device – needs to be the same to enable uninterrupted productivity. This is made up of two capabilities: delivering a unified workspace and managing the employee experience.

Intelligent Hub for a unified workspace

Let’s start with delivering a unified workspace. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is a digital workspace app for all types of employees. It can be accessed on any corporate or BYO device, and it brings together the apps, virtual desktops, tasks, information, and other resources that employees need for work. Learn more in our recent Intelligent Hub overview blog post.

Announcing Experience Workflows

To continue to build upon the value of the Intelligent Hub experience for employees, today we are announcing new experience workflows capabilities. Experience workflows will empower employees to take action on business processes right in Intelligent Hub on any device, without having to switch between multiple apps. Experience workflows will represent the next generation of Workspace ONE mobile flows, and is expected to be in beta in VMware’s Q1FY22.

The experience workflows capability of Workspace ONE is a SaaS service built on Dell Boomi iPaaS (integration platform as a service), which will make it easy to integrate the digital workspace with third-party systems and provide employees with more secure productivity. IT will be able to deploy pre-built workflows or customize their own with a low-code/no-code interface.

For HR, experience workflows will allow organizations to engage their distributed workforce across the employee lifecycle, from pre-boarding to onboarding and day-to-day work, then through offboarding. New hires often find that onboarding is challenging, and considering that virtual onboarding is becoming the norm, this is even more critical to address. Intelligent Hub and experience workflows will create a seamless, engaging onboarding journey that will help accelerate productivity for employees. By giving employees access to the curated tasks and content they need to be successful at work, organizations can empower their workforce to be more productive.

Existing Workspace ONE Advanced and Workspace ONE Enterprise customers will receive access to up to 25 pre-built experience workflows with no additional purchase. You can also sign up for the beta today on the EUC Beta portal.

Workspace ONE Intelligence Digital Employee Experience Management

Delivering a unified workspace isn’t just a “set it and forget it” task. Organizations are now faced with the challenge of managing employees and devices across multiple locations and multiple device types. Without the right automated intelligence, this can be difficult to scale. Any time there is a technology disruption, it becomes a business disruption, making this a critical focus area for IT.

VMware’s Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM), powered by Workspace ONE Intelligence, delivers capabilities that pair perfectly with Intelligent Hub to help address this for our customers. DEEM allows organizations to measure employee experience scores, identify issues that are impacting employee experience, and proactively remediate them before employees see a disruption. One example of this is the ability to re-order and ship a new laptop battery to an employee’s home, preventing a disruption due to a battery failure, based on the average number of charge cycles.

To help customers embrace the digital employee experience journey, a standalone DEEM offering is expected to be available in VMware’s Q2FY22. This offering will be sold through Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, and it will support any PC or mobile device, regardless of the underlying UEM technologies.

We are excited about the opportunities that VMware Anywhere Workspace presents to our customers for improving the lives of their employees at work, allowing them to be productive from anywhere, on any device.

Learn more on May 5 and 6!

To learn more about VMware Anywhere Workspace, please see our announcement blog post from Shawn Bass, the VMware press release, and today’s blog post from Sanjay Poonen.

On May 5 and 6, VMware is hosting a free online event, Leading Change: Build Trust with the Anywhere Workspace. You can hear from our customers and industry experts and learn more about Anywhere Workspace, as well as the latest in Workspace ONE, VMware SASE, and Carbon Black. Don’t miss out – register today!

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