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Privacy and Transparency on Mobile with the New Workspace ONE SDK Privacy Module

Advancements in technology have altered how data in both our personal and professional lives is used, collected, processed and stored. As we approach the 1 year anniversary of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law in the European Union, privacy has never been more top of mind. We all know a dynamic privacy and security strategy is vital across industries, and as you’ve likely read in other blogs, the Workspace ONE platform can make this much less daunting.

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In addition to our existing offering today, I’m thrilled to announce the Workspace ONE platform’s newest mobile privacy and compliance tool: the Workspace ONE SDK privacy module. With the new Workspace ONE SDK privacy module (available in Android SDK 19.1 and iOS SDK 19.2.1), app developers can easily build customizable privacy notices into internally built and public applications, helping establish trust and transparency between the user. Upon opening an app, the user will be informed of what data will be collected, app permissions for things like camera or contact access, and the company privacy policies.

Workspace ONE SDK Privacy Module


The Workspace ONE privacy SDK is just one of the modules available as part of the Workspace ONE SDK. To learn more about the other Workspace ONE capabilities available today, check out my latest blog below.

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Want to try it out for yourself? Simply create a myVMware account and download the Workspace ONE SDK.

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