VMware Workspace ONE Mobile

Make the Most of App Adoption and Engagement with Workspace ONE Intelligence

We’re very pleased with the initial response of Workspace ONE Intelligence. This solution provides integrated insights and powerful automation that aggregates and correlates data coming from multiple VMware sources to provide the visibility and the reactivity that are needed for successful organizations to manage their digital assets.

Workspace One Intelligence helps Line of Business Owners manage their internal mobile applications that are powering key tasks for their employees or contractors. In particular, it offers a detailed dashboard for all internal mobile applications.

This dashboard offers a detailed view into adoption and engagement of these applications that are supporting key tasks in the field – any change can quickly be spotted and acted upon.


Business Owners can make sure that their application investments are commensurate with usage: applications that are infrequently used may warrant discontinuation and applications that are used heavily can be prioritized for fixes and new features. This way business owners do not have to rely on heavy instrumentation or constantly ask their team members for this visibility.

Sudden drops in usage can also be indicative of problems to come (performance issues) as illustrated in the following video showing that an inventory app, while heavily installed, suffers from low engagement. Low engagement is a leading indicator of problems as users are more likely to abandon the app and go back to the manual and expensive process they had in place earlier.

Workspace One Intelligence allows the company to identify low engagement from employees after install and trace the problem to a network latency issue in the UK.

This dashboard paired with the in-depth app analytics offered by Apteligent, which is included in the Workspace One Intelligence license and allows internal apps development teams and their business managers to spot problems early and investigate quickly to resolve the problem.


The dashboard also contains deployment information and can assist with high stake releases to make sure that the changes are broadly adopted by the organization

The Workspace One Intelligence Apps Detail Dashboard also serves IT Admins who can spot potential security problems in alteration of engagement behavior. If employees are not using approved corporate application, they may be reverting to fewer methods to do their work thus opening up potential security risks for the organization.

Workspace One Intelligence will continue to provide additional visibility and insights into user behaviors so that organization can continue to optimize employee productivity and align their resources to promote it effectively. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!