VMware Workspace ONE Business Continuity Featured

Introducing the New Intelligence-Driven Digital Workspace

We announced our vision for analytics and artificial intelligence for the modern digital workspace at VMworld 2017, and today we’re really excited to introduce the industry’s first intelligence-driven digital workspace.

Join VMware EUC online for a first look at the new VMware Workspace ONE platform release.The evolution of the VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace platform comes with major innovations in the following areas:

  • A new intelligence-driven digital workspace powered by Workspace ONE Intelligence.
  • A modern approach to digital workspace security with Workspace ONE Trust Network.
  • New co-management of Windows 10 devices with Workspace ONE AirLift.
  • Improvements across the entire platform, including:
    • Critical Win32 App Delivery;
    • Simplified Mac adoption;
    • Extended security for Office 365 apps; and
    • New intelligent workflows for Boxer
  • New Workspace ONE edition that provides increased customer value.


Join our virtual event on March 27 to discover the latest innovations available in the Workspace ONE platform.

Workspace ONE Intelligence

As employees demand access to corporate data and apps from wherever they are and from their device of choice, organizations face a heterogeneous environment and rapidly dissolving perimeter that they’re not always equipped to manage. Current point solutions address user experience needs and security breaches in a limited and reactive manner. The dissolving perimeter also leads to the lack of comprehensive insight into device data, apps and users. This in turn leads to a greater risk of cyber threats and management complexities.

Keeping track of employee needs, ensuring security and delivering great user experiences are essential for organizations. Application performance issues and broken access to internal services have a direct impact on employee productivity. Yet, a typical response is to block application access or add more restrictions, disrupting employee productivity and leading them to circumvent security controls. IT needs a solution to bridge the gap between security and user experience, while lowering management complexity through analytics and automation.

Furthermore, addressing the rapidly changing threat landscape now requires an integrated and modern security solution that can bridge across security solution silos, offering a high level of security confidence that can be expected for today’s digital workspace.

Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence

Workspace ONE Intelligence is a cloud service built on the Workspace ONE environments platform that empowers organizations with rich visualization tools and automation to help them make data driven decisions from a unique source of truth. By aggregating, analyzing and correlating device, application and user data, Workspace ONE Intelligence provides infinite ways to filter and surface key performance indicators (KPIs) at speed and scale across the entire digital workspace environment. Once Workspace ONE Intelligence surfaces information of interest, IT admins can use the built-in decision engine to automate rules that take actions based on an extensive set of parameters. IT can then create policies that take automated remediation actions based on context.

This upcoming release sets the foundation for using artificial intelligence and machine learning to make recommendations and predictions across the digital workspace and is a major advancement for the Workspace ONE platform. With Workspace ONE Intelligence, organizations can easily manage complexity and security without compromising on employee experience.


Workspace ONE Intelligence aims to help organizations deal with the following use cases:

  • Improve User Experience: Workspace ONE Intelligence gives IT admins insights into app deployment, app engagement and user experience in the field to quickly resolve issues, reduce escalations and increase employee productivity.
  • Optimize Resources: With visibility into device and app usage, Workspace ONE Intelligence helps IT optimize resources across the environment by ensuring employees get what they need and IT reduces spending on devices and apps that are less used.
  • Increase Security and Compliance: Workspace One Intelligence helps IT detect and automatically remediate security vulnerabilities at scale by quickly identifying out of compliance devices, applying the latest security patches and automating access control policies based on user behavior.

Workspace ONE Intelligence provides three major areas of improvements that complement and extend the Workspace ONE platform: 


Integrated Insights

Get complete visibility into your digital workspace and gain deep insights that enable data driven decisions across your entire environment.

  • Unified Visibility: Workspace ONE Intelligence aggregates and correlates device, application and user data together in one place to give you a complete view of your entire digital workspace environment.
  • Speed & Scale: Get results in real-time across your entire environment, so you can quickly respond to user experience issues and security risks.
  • Insights through Reports: Run or schedule customized reports to get even more detailed historical data about your entire environment, and share those insights with the rest of the organization.
  • Insights through Dashboards: Keep an eye on the data that matters to you most with preset dashboards that can be customized to meet your unique needs. Visualize the evolution of your environment’s security risks, app deployments, device management, app engagement and patch rollouts.

App Analytics

Optimize app development and app deployments across your organization and user base to quickly resolve issues, reduce escalations and increase user experience.

  • App Performance: Monitor application performance to quickly resolve issues that can negatively impact user experience, fix first what matters most and prioritize development efforts based on user impact. Get detailed app performance with continuous monitoring of mobile app usage in the field across devices, networks, operating systems, geolocation, connectivity state or version of the app. Easily analyze and quantify how mobile app performance affects app adoption, engagement and churn.
  • App Adoption: Measure app adoption and engagement across your environment and quickly discover the apps that are used the most, so you can easily quantify the return on investment (ROI) of app deployments. Help business owners understand how mobile apps make a difference for your employees with visibility into app adoption and engagement.
  • User Behavior: Identify the most important flows or actions in your app and connect them with critical business metrics.
  • Apteligent: Workspace ONE Intelligence customers can leverage the full power of Apteligent for their employee-managed apps.

Powerful Automation

Automate workflows with the new decision engine to gain in efficiency across your environment.

  • Preset Automations: Get access to a set of pre-configured automations to help you manage your entire digital workspace more efficiently from the start.
  • Decision Engine: Automate IT operations and security processes by defining rules that take actions based on a rich set of parameters from your entire environment. Context-based actions help increase efficiencies across the organization and greatly reduce the complexity and burden of manual tasks.
  • Contextual Policies: Easily create policies that take automated remediation actions based on context to increase user experience, operational efficiencies and security.
  • Third-Party Extensibility: Build contextual policies that fit your unique environment by automating workflows that extend to your favorite third party services, such as ServiceNow, Slack or any third-party service via REST API.

Workspace ONE Trust Network

Workspace ONE Trust Network gives organizations a comprehensive and modern enterprise security approach to secure their evolving digital workspace. Using the Workspace ONE Trust Network approach, organizations can transform security across employees, apps, endpoints and networks with a new set of capabilities to protect, detect and remediate cyber security threats based on a framework of trust and verification.

Workspace ONE Trust Network takes the inherent security capabilities built into the Workspace ONE platform and combines them with security partner solutions to remove security solution silos and simplify security across the digital workspace.

Key use cases that Workspace ONE Trust Network covers include:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Configure policies for data encryption and app blacklists. Monitoring for threats including malware and malicious apps. Remediating with capabilities including access control.
  • Access Management: End users can consume a self-service app catalog and single sign-on (SSO) into apps for greater productivity. Multi-factor authentication is available across all apps to reduce risk of app exposure.
  • Mobile Threat Defense: Visibility into risks such as operating system (OS) vulnerabilities, Man-in-the-Middle or rogue attacks, and app-based risks including spyware or risky app behaviors. Automatically remediating threats by, for example, enterprise wiping, quarantining and patching.
  • Endpoint Detection & Response: Detect and remediate malicious apps/files and in-memory attacks by quarantining, isolating and acting against threats.
  • Cloud Access Security: DLP, visibility and remediation of cloud services, including data exfiltration, governance and user analytics.

As the digital workspace evolves, integrating security solutions with our Workspace ONE platform is critical, so customers can continue leveraging their existing investments. We initially partnered with Symantec, McAfee, Carbon Black, CrowdStrike, Cylance, Lookout and Netskope to connect their security solutions with Workspace ONE as part of the Workspace ONE Trust Network approach. These partners bring great security expertise across different aspects of the digital workspace and are excited to support the Workspace ONE Trust Network.


intelligence-driven-digital-workspace-3“The shift from traditional on-premises software to cloud-based services continues to gain momentum. McAfee helps customers protect enterprise data from corporate devices to the cloud so that organizations can embrace the cloud to innovate without fear. We are excited to support the Workspace ONE Trust Network to give our joint customers even more visibility and security for all apps, including cloud apps, in the digital workspace.” Vittorio Viarengo, VP of Marketing, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee


intelligence-driven-digital-workspace-4“The need for integrated security solutions has never been greater as threats continue to grow and the traditional security perimeter dissolves or expands well beyond corporate boundaries. Mobile and endpoint devices are the most common touchpoint for an end user accessing corporate data, requiring always-on security for a broad array of such devices crucial to an effective security posture. Symantec’s integration efforts with Workspace ONE help support VMware’s vision of the Workspace ONE Trust Network, ultimately helping provide customers with an effective, modern, cloud generation security approach to management of mobile and other devices.” – Javed Hasan – Senior Vice President, Endpoint, Datacenter & Mobile at Symantec


intelligence-driven-digital-workspace-5“In order to stop advanced threats, organizations require the full life cycle of prevention, detection, response, and, now, prediction capabilities. We are excited to support the Workspace ONE Trust Network and put the rich data from the Cb Predictive Security Cloud (PSC) to good use. The integration between the intelligence-driven Workspace ONE platform and Carbon Black’s PSC will help give customers the continuous risk monitoring and mitigation capabilities they need to meet modern security requirements.” Tom Barsi, SVP of Corporate and Business Development, Carbon Black



“As the world shifts from legacy protection methods to more modern approaches when combating cybersecurity threats, having an open framework of trust and connectivity is a requirement. Combining Cylance’s predictive artificial intelligence technology with the Workspace ONE digital workspace platform helps customers mitigate risk across an end-user computing environment. We are thrilled to support the Workspace ONE Trust Network and look forward to enhancing our integration capabilities with Workspace ONE.” – Rahul Kashyap, Worldwide Chief Technology Officer, Cylance


intelligence-driven-digital-workspace-7“Today, most successful breaches target the endpoint. As the leader in cloud-delivered next-generation endpoint protection, CrowdStrike is focused on stopping breaches using our cloud based platform to provide a seamless, unified capability providing the proactive intelligence and ability to prevent, detect, respond and remediate advanced attacks. With our latest integrations into Workspace ONE, CrowdStrike helps organizations seamlessly secure their digital workspace and establish a proactive security approach built for modern-day threats. CrowdStrike is pleased to be a part of making VMware’s Workspace ONE Trust Network’s vision a reality.” – Curt Aubley, VP of Partner Solution Architecture & Engineering


intelligence-driven-digital-workspace-8“Core to securing a perimeter-less enterprise is understanding the risk posture of devices seeking access to enterprise apps and SaaS. And in the modern digital workspace, the preferred device for accessing enterprise resources is increasingly a smartphone or tablet. In supporting VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network, Lookout brings a breadth of data on mobile threats and risks to Workspace ONE customers so they can confidently incorporate mobile device risk into their calculations for trusted access.” – Aaron Cockerill, Chief Strategy Officer at Lookout



“In today’s mobile and cloud world, securing sensitive data across SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS as part of the digital workspace experience is critical. The integration between Netskope and VMware Workspace ONE further enhances the capabilities that Workspace ONE Trust Network sets out to accomplish to reduce risk to the enterprise by safely enabling cloud usage, protecting sensitive data, and preventing or remediating modern-day cybersecurity threats.” – Rick Holden, VP Business Development and Alliances, Netskope

Workspace ONE AirLift

Workspace ONE reinvents traditional PC lifecycle management (PCLM) tasks by combining a modern cloud-based approach with intelligent insights and automation. The VMware digital workspace offering is the only unified endpoint management (UEM) platform in the market that supports all use cases and phases of the PC lifecycle, providing modern replacements for any management task. Several recent analyst reports recognized Workspace ONE’s UEM platform as the leader in Windows 10 modern management.

Now, Workspace ONE introduces new AirLift server-side connector for co-management alongside Microsoft System Center Configuration Management (SCCM) to help remove the risk and ease the eventual transition to modern management. AirLift co-existence with SCCM allows customers to prioritize and migrate (aka “airlift”) traditionally high pain PC management workloads, such as onboarding, patching, software distribution and remote user support, to a more cost-efficient and secure cloud-based modern management model with Workspace ONE. With AirLift, the transition to modern management is seamless and non-disruptive, helping customers lower Windows PC total cost of ownership in a much faster timeframe.

Workspace ONE AirLift is the only solution to provide co-existence support for all critical phases of the PC lifecycle and across popular prior versions of SCCM (pre-1710) and Windows 10 (pre-1709), enabling customers to speed the move to modern management today—without having to go through prohibitive and costly OS and management tool upgrades.

Workspace ONE is the simplest and quickest path to Windows 10 modern management transformation, featuring industry-leading capabilities:

  • Zero-IT-Touch Onboarding: Most onboarding options for simpler, out-of-the-box PC setup that saves cost and delivers day one productivity for new employees.
  • Real-time Configuration: Cloud-powered configuration of all policies, from firmware to OS and apps. Workspace ONE is the only UEM platform to integrate with Dell Client Command Suite for over-the-air BIOS configuration.
  • Intelligent Patching: The most granular patching options, powered by new Workspace ONE Intelligence, that reach every PC in real-time on or off the corporate network, so they are always up to date and protected from high-severity exploits.
  • Cloud-Scale Software Distribution: Only UEM platform featuring an efficient internet-based and peer-to-peerWin32 app distribution that requires zero server footprint.
  • New AirLift Co-Management: Now featuring the best co-existence with Microsoft SCCM, enabling any PCLM task and supporting current SCCM and Windows 10 versions, accelerating the journey to modern PC management.

Workspace ONE Platform Updates

As customers move to modern platforms like Windows 10 and Mac, there is a need for consistent, secure app delivery across all environments. Workspace ONE delivers the same level of security, lifecycle management and compelling experience for all apps, regardless of OS platforms across mobile and desktop.

New Workspace ONE capabilities that further help bridge the ‘app gap’ between security and usability include the following:

Expanded Win32 App Delivery

While OS-neutral applications continue to grow, Windows applications remain a critical component of any digital workspace. Workspace ONE now includes integrated virtual app and desktop delivery, with customers receiving entitlements to run virtual desktop and app delivery on-premises or as a cloud-hosted service through this single subscription offer.

VMware today also announced a beta for VMware virtual desktops with Azure infrastructure in partnership with Microsoft. VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure VDI expands upon previously announced VMware support for published applications on Microsoft Azure.

VMware also announced a tech preview of Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS. This tech preview allows customers to extend the benefits of managing on premises desktops and apps to the cloud by leveraging the VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) stack—inclusive of NSX, vSAN and vSphere—across Amazon’s network of data centers across the globe. Customers can leverage Horizon 7 Cloud Pod Architecture across AWS pods to support federated entitlements across on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure and the same Horizon 7 management console to simplify and streamline day to day operations.

Simplified Mac Adoption

The new Workspace ONE client for macOS delivers a consistent experience as employees switch between OS platforms. Using Workspace ONE, employees can access all apps from their macOS device, including virtual Windows apps.

Extended Security for Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Apps

Workspace ONE now integrates the Intune App Protection Policies in Microsoft Graph to give IT O365-specific security features, such as new data loss prevention (DLP) controls and continuous device risk monitoring that cuts off O365 access instantly if risk increases. Customers can ensure vital business data is secure, while increasing O365 adoption and delighting employees with simple access that bridges the gap between the O365 ecosystem and other work apps.

VMware Boxer with Intelligent Workflows

Empower employee mobile moments with new mobile flows, which surface context-based actions and insights in VMware Boxer secure email. Intelligent workflows enable users to complete tasks across many backend business systems, such as Salesforce, Jira or Concur, without leaving the Boxer app. VMware customers use Boxer intelligent workflows to customize pre-built connectors with partner services or custom develop their own to help employees stay productive in the moment while in Boxer.

Extended Management for Rugged Devices

When it comes to rugged devices in the field, remote management and automated remediation are critical for maintaining device uptime. To help customers achieve this, Workspace ONE now supports event/actions and battery management for Android devices.

With event/actions, customers can set a defined event or condition such as battery- or memory-level, network connectivity, or time to trigger a specific action, like force quitting mission-critical apps or backing up files.

With battery management, customers can pull battery health, cycle count and identification from the device, so they can identify the poorest performing batteries and replace them before a device fails.

Workspace ONE also now integrates with Zebra StageNow, so customers can easily generate StageNow barcodes in the console for simple profile creation, device configuration and deployment.

Availability, Packaging & Pricing

In addition to Workspace ONE Standard and Workspace ONE Advanced, our customers can now take advantage of a single subscription offering that builds on Workspace ONE Advanced with Workspace ONE Intelligence, Mobile Flows and VMware Horizon!

Workspace ONE Enterprise and Workspace ONE Enterprise for VDI deliver an intelligence-driven, secure digital workspace to enable access to any app (inclusive of Win32, SaaS, web and mobile apps) across any device.

Visit the Workspace ONE website for full pricing, including details on the new Workspace ONE Enterprise and Workspace ONE Enterprise for VDI editions.

  • Workspace ONE Intelligence will be available worldwide in April as part of the new Workspace ONE Enterprise and Workspace ONE Enterprise for VDI editions.
  • Workspace ONE AirLift server-side connector will be made available at no additional cost to all Workspace ONE customers in late Q2.
  • Horizon Cloud on Azure VDI will be available in over 40 global regions in the second quarter.

Join our virtual event on March 27 to discover the latest innovations available in the Workspace ONE platform.