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Workspace ONE Spring Highlights: Here is What You Missed

We have made it out of winter and into springtime. Spring generally means new beginnings – new things being born and regrowth. Spring is also a time of new things for us over at EUC. Many of you have seen the news on our launch of the new Workspace ONE Intelligence-Driven Digital Workspace.

In addition to our announcements last month, I’d like to cover in more detail some of the newest features and product offerings our customers have available to them as a part of the Workspace ONE platform today.

iOS and Android Boxer Latest Releases

As a part of the 4.12 Boxer release, we are excited that Free/Busy lookup is now available to our end users!

Workspace ONE Boxer Calendar Availability
Easily view attendees availability when creating and editing an event in Boxer.

When setting up a meeting with someone on a mobile device, it is typically a shot in the dark to see if they’ll be available to attend or not due to the lack of visibility into their calendar. This is often followed by a series of back-and-forth until you finally find a time that works for those involved. Well, no more of that! Now, with Boxer, when you create a meeting invite and include participants, you’ll now see visual indicators of the participants’ availability. Even if you change the meeting time, you’re able to immediately see if the new time works for everyone or not. In addition to Free/Busy lookup, we are thrilled to announce that the mobile flows service integration for Boxer is GA on both platforms with 4.12! More on that below.

As a part of the 4.12 Boxer release, external recipient highlight is available for all our customers as an admin setting or user preference. When enabled, anytime you view email participants, users outside your organization will show in a red font. This is a great preventative measure to keep proprietary information from being sent outside the organization. It also helps our client base meet FINRA regulations.

Our team is constantly working to provide performance optimizations. On the Android Boxer client, during initial sync with version 4.12, our teams have measured a 25% faster sync time than AOSP (Android Open Source Project). We encourage you to upgrade to the latest version and let us know what you think!

Mobile Flows

Many of you have been a part of our Workspace ONE strategy – connecting end-users with seamless access to any application, from any device, with a great single sign-on experience. Even if users have access to the apps they need, sometimes completing certain tasks or workflows on mobile can be very complex, requiring users to open multiple business tools to get information or complete a task.

Workspace ONE Mobile Flows
Mobile flows use context in emails to surface an action from ServiceNow.

Consider this situation, you receive an email from a colleague about an urgent network change request. All you have is your mobile device. You must find out about the risk the network change poses, what it might impact, suggested change window, downtime, etc. All of these steps require the user to make sure they’ve copied the ticket number, switched to a mobile browser, authenticated and turned on VPN, logged into the ticketing system, looked up the ticket, and scrolled through a wealth of information to find out what is most important to make the decision as to whether this emergency change request should be approved or not. All this context is required before you can make a decision, either by replying to the email or approving the ticket.

This is only a single use case but the complexity of completing tasks on mobile across business systems spans across millions of use cases, industries and more. It isn’t always easy to work on mobile which is why we built Workspace ONE mobile flows. By targeting complex workflows on mobile, we can provide users with the context they need, and the ability to get in-the-moment information and complete tasks across business systems, right from the most widely used real estate on mobile; email.

We built some of the most common workflows that our customers run into, and you’re able to take these out of the box and integrate with iOS and Android. But for these to be effective and move the needle for your employees, customization is key. As a result, we’ve given you the capability to modify any of our open-sourced workflows or build your own with an API spec and sample connector guide. You can see them on our GitHub page.

Email Notification Service (ENS) v2 for On-Premise

Last month we discussed the new version of the ENS available as a cloud-service to change the experience for users oniOS with the Boxer client. ENS v2 was completely re-architected to provide badge updates, real-time push notifications, and even background sync. For customers who expose their EWS endpoint (such as O365 implementations), the cloud version is a great choice as it requires no additional architecture. But for our more secure customers who keep their EWS endpoint behind the firewall and not exposed to the internet, the on-premise version provides the same great capabilities as cloud and is available to install today.

Workspace ONE for Mac

Workspace ONE application for MacOS is now generally available! Now, enjoy the delightful Workspace ONE experience you have come to know and love on other platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows 10. The app supports native MacOS app delivery, web and remote app catalog, identity and access management and more.

For more information and how to download, reach out to your account representative.

DeX Support

We’ve expanded Samsung DeX support in VMware Browser! Now users can utilize keyboard shortcuts and the right-click menu.

Consider when branch workers are only given a DeX-enabled phone. When they go into a branch office that is setup with DeX workstations, they have the ability to use Workspace ONE to access virtual apps with Horizon, web apps with Browser, email with Boxer, and access to remote content and editing with Content Locker. Everything they need to be successful at work fits right in their pocket.

Do you have a cool story or use case about how you’re using DeX + VMware apps? Tweet us here for a chance to be featured in our next blog!

Tighter Integration with Workspace ONE and Android Tunnel

The Workspace ONE team is excited to announce with the release of the Android Workspace ONE version 3.2.1 we have automated the single sign-on experience for end users. When VMware Tunnel is required, the app will be pushed down and the service started automatically with no end-user intervention. By removing this point of friction from the end user experience, we are helping drive further engagement of end-users with the apps and services they need to be successful.

Check out Renu Upadhyay’s VMware vForum Online Spring 2018 session, “Scaling the Modern Digital Workspace with Intelligence and Security” for more details: