Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure January 2018 Technical Updates

Jan 31, 2018
Rick Terlep


Rick Terlep is a Senior Technical Marketing Architect for VMware's End User Computing. He has been working on the VMware's EUC Technical Marketing team since 2014, and has been at VMware since 2008. Rick is a regular speaker at VMworld on different topics. Prior to VMware, he had different roles at NetIQ, at Appetizers And, Inc. and at Arthur Andersen. Rick has a degree in Computer Science from Western Illinois University and enjoys woodworking, gardening and traveling and watching way too much sports.

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VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure released an update today.  In addition to a number of UI and back-end platform enhancements, we have developed several noteworthy updates to existing features.

Schedule Based Power Management

The initial release of Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure introduced power management features that allow you to manage infrastructure costs in your Microsoft Azure environment.  Farms can grow or shrink based on usage and pre-configured availability thresholds that you configure with the initial farm deployment.  With this release, you can now configure the maximum number of servers available in a farm based on a time schedule, as well.

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Power Management Scheduling UI

Simple Upgrades

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure infrastructure is easy to upgrade from one version to the next. As soon as a platform upgrade is available, you can schedule your update with our support team, and the process begins. Core infrastructure appliances are automatically upgraded using a blue/green methodology like the following:

  1. New Horizon Cloud Node and Unified Access Gateways deploys from the Horizon Cloud Service.
  2. Configuration information and system state copies from the running Horizon Cloud Node and Unified Access Gateways to the new ones.
  3. After the configuration information is copied and checks completed, the new Horizon Cloud Node and Unified Access Gateways become active.
  4. The old infrastructure is automatically removed from the environment.

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Blue Green Upgrade

Automated User Environment Manager Agent Install and Update

With this release, we are including the User Environment Manager agent with the auto-install feature in Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure.  This means that the User Environment Manager agent installs as a part of the unified agent installer feature in Horizon Cloud.

Windows Server 2016 Supported for GPU-based RD Session Hosts

With this release, we have added support for Windows Server 2016 for GPU-based workloads.  Prior to this release, Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure only supported Windows Server 2012 R2 for NV based VMs on Azure.  Windows Server 2016 allows for greater user density than VMs based on Windows Server 2012 R2, due to enhancements in the NVIDIA GPU driver stack.  We hope to have updated benchmarks published soon.


VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure now provides the best of both worlds: the application and desktop delivery capabilities of Horizon Cloud, combined with the application management services and increased flexibility of Microsoft Azure. The resulting benefits include multi-cloud deployment, extended geographical datacenter options, simplified VDI, consumption-based pricing, and much more. To find out more: