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[Whitepaper] VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure: Identity Management & Networking for Success

VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure provides a single platform for delivering virtualized Windows applications and shared desktop sessions from Windows Server instances using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) running in Microsoft Azure. With Horizon Cloud, you can publish business-critical Windows apps alongside Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps, mobile apps and desktops in a single digital workspace that is easily accessed with single sign-on from any authenticated device or operating system (OS).

Most enterprises already have on-premises user identity using Active Directory (AD), and when delivering a cloud service, it is often important that the same identity and credentials are available for use in the cloud. Alternately, if your enterprise is purely cloud-based and you want to leverage native cloud services, such as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), without the overhead of having to manage domain controllers manually…

But how can you do this? What options are supported with Horizon Cloud? Well, we help answer all of your questions in our new whitepaper, “Networking & Active Directory Considerations on Microsoft Azure for Use With VMware Horizon Cloud Service.”

Configure Microsoft Azure identity management six ways with Horizon Cloud Service, such as on-premises AD only via site-to-site link.

In the whitepaper, we first introduce some key terminology in Microsoft Azure, and then present six different modes of configuration to achieve identity management with Horizon Cloud Service:

  1. Site-to-site link, utilizing on-premises AD only
  2. No site-to-site link, AD on Azure-provisioned virtual machine
  3. AD Replica Controllers on Azure-provisioned virtual machine (identity synchronized from on-premises)
  4. No site-to-site link, using Azure AD only sync to AD Domain Services
  5. No site-to-site link, with on-premises sync of AD to Azure AD via AD Connect
  6. Site-to-site link, with on-premises AD sync to Azure AD via AD Connect

Finally, we discuss some key considerations in the whitepaper relating to networking, which will help ensure the deployment (at whatever scale you need) is a success. Instantly download the free whitepaper here.