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[Video] An Overview of VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management

New technologies, from mobile, cloud to the Internet of Things (IoT), have taken the business world by storm. Employees desire choice of apps, devices and even the places they work.

The result: IT relies on disparate tools and processes to deploy, manage and secure endpoints and apps. This fragmentation costs your company time and money. User experience suffers, and security takes a backseat.

VMware Workspace ONE, built on industry-leading VMware AirWatch technology, eliminates endpoint management silos and meets the needs of modern business. The AirWatch unified endpoint management (UEM) technology offers a single viewpoint to easily manage the device lifecycle—including desktop PCs—secure operating systems, apps and data and get intelligent insights for your business and IT.


Manage the Device Lifecycle

With UEM, onboarding new devices is quick and painless, and users get a consistent experience across devices. Work profiles, apps and mandated IT policies are delivered over the air, instantly, no matter where the user is located. Self-service portal eliminates routine help desk calls, so employees have on-demand access to resources they need for work.

Secure OSs, Apps & Data

UEM provides a robust security architecture to continuously protect your systems, data and user privacy. Compliance is enforced in real time. Automated remediation rules ensure true, hands-free IT. Users can remote wipe compromised devices on their own, without waiting on IT, further protecting sensitive company intellectual property (IP).

Get Intelligent Business Insights

UEM features a powerful reporting and data analytics platform, that provides valuable insights across all users, apps and endpoints. This enables IT to drive new user experiences and transformative workflows, which saves costs, improves security and helps to respond quickly to evolving business needs.

Embrace the digital workspace. Gain comprehensive awareness and manageability of all your devices, apps and operating systems with AirWatch UEM.

Learn more today at airwatch.com.


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