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New Innovations in VMware Workstation & VMware Fusion Updates

We’ve announced some pretty big updates to our flagship desktop hypervisor product lines, VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation. Our latest updates bring a variety of new features for IT pros, developers, businesses and home users.

Workstation 14 Pro & Player

Our Workstation product line, which includes Workstation Pro and Workstation Player, supports the latest and greatest from Microsoft, including the Windows 10 Fall Creators update and the fall updates for Server 2016, as well as updated Linux support for Ubuntu 17.04 and b. We also now support Microsoft Virtualization Based Security features Credential Guard and b, bringing new levels of enterprise security to our virtual desktop platform.

Workstation Pro also has new features for interacting with vSphere, including a streamlined walkthrough for effortlessly deploying the vCenter Server Appliance and new Host Power operations for remote vSphere/ESXi hosts.

Fusion 10 & Fusion 10 Pro

There are so many new features with our Fusion updates that it is hard to decide where to begin.

Building on the same VMware virtual hardware platform of the Workstation product line, Fusion 10 will also support Windows 10 and Server 2016 fall updates, as well as updated Linux support. Fusion, of course, will also support macOS 10.13 as both a host and guest, plus a long list of user interface updates, including Touch Bar support, to make things feel more modern and be more informative.

Fusion also has a brand new graphics engine that leverages Apple’s Metal technology. Fusion now uses Metal to draw VM/guest graphics like Windows DirectX 10 and Windows + Linux OpenGL 3.3, making performance smoother with better battery life and more accurate rendering.

Fusion 10 Pro has a number of unique updates as well, including innovation around vSphere integration, virtual networking and a brand new RESTful API.

For vSphere, Fusion now support the import of the vCenter Server Appliance, allowing users to effortlessly deploy vSphere in a sandbox lab inside Fusion. For vSphere admins, Fusion Pro also adds new ESXi Host Power operations, so users can power cycle hosts and toggle Maintenance Mode.

Fusion Pro’s all new REST-based API opens the door for integration. Use the HTTP/S based API to remotely and programmatically control Fusion with over 20 controls available, including VM creation, power, snapshots, host networking, VM networking and IP management, cloning and more. Developers can now use this secure API to integrate Fusion into a modern, continuous delivery/deploy iterative pipeline. Operations teams can design workflows to automatically provision macOS desktops for quality teams to remotely control.

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With so many features, UI updates, virtual networking enhancements, platform updates, graphics updates and a brand new API to control it all, we think this might just be the biggest release of Fusion to date.

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