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Hurry! Our 10 Most Popular EUC Sessions @ VMworld Are Filling Up Fast!

We’re less than one month away from VMworld. And with thousands already registered for what promises to be the biggest end-user computing (EUC) event of the year, space is nearly gone in our top sessions.

From an action-packed EUC spotlight keynote to immersive hands-on labs, VMworld promises to be the one EUC event you can’t afford to miss. Join us at VMworld. Get started here.

We have nearly 100 sessions dedicated to all things digital workspace, virtual desktops, enterprise apps, mobility, Windows 10, cloud and security. Our technical experts are ready to deliver immersive demo and lab experiences that will make you the hands-down expert in your company. Finally, VMware’s leadership team is unveiling major innovations and partner integrations for our industry-leading products: VMware Horizon, VMware Workspace ONE, VMware AirWatch, VMware App Volumes and so many more.

Already joining us? Here are the top 10 most popular EUC sessions at VMworld you cannot afford to miss:

1. Showcase Keynote: Delivering New User Experiences with the Digital Workspace


  • Sumit Dhawan, SVP and GM End-User Computing, VMware
  • Shawn Bass, VP and CTO End-User Computing, VMware
  • Noah Wasmer, SVP Mobile Products, VMware

Add to your agenda:

You cannot miss this showcase keynote. Seriously, put it on your agenda ASAP! The who’s who in EUC will be on stage to share breaking product news, demo our powerful new technologies and feature the customers breaking the EUC mold at the biggest brands in the world.

On VMworld’s largest stage, you will hear from customers, partners and innovators at VMware who are building on intelligence to transform the way their organizations securely empower the workforce for a better user experience.

Forward-thinking IT leaders will share how they are creating digital workspace strategies to harness the power of new apps, devices and connected things to:

  • Transform business processes;
  • Drive engagement; and
  • Boost productivity for every employee.

Finally, hear breaking product news—and see these groundbreaking innovations in action—before we announce it to the rest of the world.

2. Spotlight Session: Evolution of Endpoint Management within a Digital Workspace


  • Hendrik Harder, Senior Manager Mobile IT, Siemens AG (VMworld U.S.)
  • Brian Link, Sr. Director, UX Strategy & Engineering , Capital One (VMworld U.S.)
  • Jürgen Bodtländer, VP Portfolio – and Partner Management, Deutsche Bahn (VMworld Europe)
  • Roberto Neto, Senior Service Manager Mobile IT, Siemens (VMworld Europe)
  • Noah Wasmer, SVP Mobile Products, VMware

Add to your agenda:

Meeting user expectations for anywhere, anytime, any-device access is becoming increasingly complex for organizations that continue to live in silos of desktop, mobile, and every other kind of endpoint.

Join Noah Wasmer, Senior Vice President of Mobile Products at VMware, as he shares his perspective on the evolution of endpoint management into a device-agnostic platform enabling a smarter and more secure workspace for the business.

We turn the spotlight on our customers themselves as they share their journeys to radically transform PC management, unify management across desktop to the Internet of things and enable transformative experiences for users and IT.

3. Spotlight Session: Goodbye, VDI 1.0. Hello, VDI 2.0.


  • Shankar Iyer, SVP and GM Desktop Products, VMware

Add to your agenda:

The digital workspace is about providing intuitive and secure access to all apps, including mobile, web, software-as-a-service and Windows apps. But supporting these Windows apps has evolved beyond VDI 1.0. IT organizations are cobbling together a basic solution to provision and broker access. Today, customers need a converged approach that:

  • Takes advantage of consolidated policy and management for contextual access.
  • Ties Windows desktop and app access directly into the digital workspace.
  • Harnesses the power of the software-defined data center.
  • Supports organizations on premises and in the cloud.

Join this session with Shankar Iyer and special guests to find out how VMware is bringing converged VDI and your end-to-end digital workspace to life.

4. Transformation of the Digital Workspace


  • David Schira, Director of Architecture, Western Digital
  • Tony Kueh, Vice President, Product Management, VMware
  • Hemant Sahani, Director of Product Management, VMware

Add to your agenda:

We are in the age of the digital workspace. Your users are clamoring for access to their data and apps from any device, including from personal devices. Your business expects IT to maintain security and eliminate the leakage of any sensitive information. How do you maintain this balance between end-user productivity and security? We believe the industry needs to evolve to focus on controlling access based on a new access control layer.

In this Spotlight Session, the VMware leadership team will discuss how Workspace ONE is built on a powerful access control layer that is dynamic, based on context. This access control layer in Workspace ONE transforms how organizations implement access control without compromising the end-user experience.

5. What’s New in Horizon 7: Technical Deep Dive


  • Tony Huynh, Director Product Management, VMware (VMworld U.S.)
  • John Wilkinson, Senior Consultant, VMware (VMworld Europe)
  • Graeme Gordon, Senior End User Computing Architect, VMware

Add to your agenda:

Delivering desktop and applications just became even easier with Horizon 7 and the Just-in-Time Management platform. Provision faster and improve your management and how you scale using VMware Instant Clone technology for fast desktop and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) provisioning, VMware App Volumes for real-time application delivery and VMware User Environment Manager for contextual policy management.

This session will give technical details and demos of the latest features and advancements of Horizon 7, including Instant Clones for RDSHs, virtual graphic processing unit (vGPU) support for Instant Clones, anonymous login and more.

6. Building a Multi-Cloud Strategy with Horizon Cloud Service

Horizon Cloud Service partsSpeakers:

  • Shikha Mittal, Director of Product Management, VMware (VMworld U.S.)
  • Bharath Rangarajan, VP of Product Marketing, VMware (VMworld Europe)
  • Peter Brown, Director of R&D, VMware

Add to your agenda:

Organizations are going from asking whether cloud is appropriate to adopting multiple clouds at the same time. They are relying on services from a mixture of private and public clouds depending on business needs and independent cloud strengths.

In this session, we will preview the latest addition to the service where you can now deliver Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. You will learn how you can combine the benefits of remote desktops and applications as-a-service from VMware and the flexibility to choose a public, consumption-based IaaS like Azure, making it easier and more cost-effective to deploy and scale your digital workspace.

7. Digital Workspace & Security Transformation with Workspace ONE & Hybrid Cloud

VMware Workspace ONESpeakers:

  • TJ Vatsa, Principal Architect, VMware
  • Shawn Bass, VP & CTO End User Computing, VMware
  • John Drummond, Sr. Director of Information Systems, VMware
  • Aman Garg, Sr. Director, Technical Sales, VMware
  • Prab Kalra, Director, Technical Marketing, VMware

Add to your agenda:

Follow the footsteps of VMware’s R&D, IT and field CTO ambassadors from the Professional Services (PS) organization to get real-life insight into how mobility and identity use cases can be successfully deployed and scaled on the hybrid cloud via Workspace ONE.

The VMware PS design approach covers the planning, designing, deployment, and measurement process for successful IT and business outcomes. This session is relevant to a variety of industry verticals, including but not limited to financial, healthcare, education, point-of-sale, services, high-tech, manufacturing, hospitality and others.

8. How Customers Overcame Challenges & Seized Opportunity with Windows 10


  • Cliff DuPuy, EdS, Technical Services Director, Mecklenburg County
  • Mark Dunkerley, Technology Manager, The Coca-Cola Company (Bottling Investments Group)
  • Ryan Kremkau, Director of Innovation/Strategy, Capital One
  • Mark Margevicius, Director of EUC Strategy and Chief Customer Advocate, VMware

Add to your agenda:

According to Microsoft, more than 96% of customers are in a POC for Windows 10, but many struggle with how to move from POC to production. In this session, you will hear from customers who have successfully migrated to Windows 10 and support a variety of use cases, including branch office, remote worker, and line-of-business scenarios.

The customer panel will discuss challenges and pitfalls to avoid in migrating to Windows 10, the benefits of moving to the new OS and the value created from migrating to a modern management approach with AirWatch.

9. Ask the Experts: How to Enable Secure Access from Personal/BYO Devices & All Types of Users with Workspace ONE


  • Vikas Jain, Director, Product Management, Workspace ONE, VMware
  • Prab Kalra, Director, Technical Marketing, VMware

Add to your agenda:

More than ever before, you have a broad range of device types and users that want to access corporate resources. This includes employees, contractors, and contingent staff who need access, and oftentimes they want access from personal/BYO devices. How do you enable secure access without impacting end-user productivity?

This group discussion will feature experts who will walk you through security and access capabilities in Workspace ONE to ensure IT has the tools they need to protect corporate resources, regardless of the type of user or device.

10. An Insider’s View into Windows 10 Management with AirWatch: Technical Deep Dive


  • Jason Roszak, Product Manager, VMware (VMworld U.S.)
  • Gareth Kitson, Senior Systems Engineer, VMware (VMworld Europe)
  • Alexander Bruns, Digital Workplace Services & Solutions, DB Systel GmbH (VMworld Europe)

Add to your agenda:

Traditional approaches to Windows management are expensive, complex for IT organizations, and restrictive for users. Windows 10 changes what’s possible for users, IT departments and businesses, including how devices can be managed with a modern mobile device management APIs, how updates occur and more.

We will provide a technical deep dive into some of the many changes and enhancements that have been added to Windows 10, such as enrollment, application delivery and patch management. In addition, we will compare traditional PC lifecycle management solutions to managing a Windows 10 computer using AirWatch and the resulting lower costs, greater security and improved end-user experience.

Bonus Session: Empowered Users & Rapid Returns: Lessons from the Digital Workspace

Learn more about VMware’s innovative digital workspace platform, VMware Workspace ONE.


  • Brian Gammage, Chief Market Technologist, VMware

Add to your agenda:

The digital workspace redefines the user experience as centered around the person, rather than the things they use. It enables a fundamental transformation of the relationship between IT and users, from push-based control to demand-based choice. Access to corporate applications and data can be combined seamlessly with the user’s personal environment, without compromise to enterprise security or user privacy. Successful deployments deliver improved employee engagement and a significant return on investment.

In this session, we share lessons learned from our customers and offer a firsthand look at VMware’s own journey to the digital workspace.

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