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5 New VMware Workspace ONE Sessions at VMworld 2017

We are tantalizingly close to VMworld 2017! Now that the agenda builder open, the end-user computing (EUC) team is revving up to present some exciting sessions about our award-winning digital workspace platform, VMware Workspace ONE.

Whether you are new to the digital workspace or a long-time EUC pro, here are five new Workspace ONE sessions at VMworld 2017.

It’s not too late to join us at VMworld 2017 in the U.S. and/or Europe! Simply click here to get started.

1. Showcase Keynote: Delivering New Experiences with Digital Workspaces

For U.S. attendees, search for EDW7002KU. For Barcelona attendees, search for EDW7002KE.

VMware EUC leader Sumit Dhawan will take the stage with the innovators living and breathing the digital workspace every day in this can’t miss showcase keynote.

  • Get the breaking product and innovation news before it is announced.
  • Hear from customers and partners leveraging intelligence to transform the way their companies securely empower their workforce.
  • Learn how forward-thinking IT organizations create digital workspace strategies to transform business processes and drive employee productivity.
  • See powerful demos and tech deep dives into the technology empowering the digital workspace in companies like yours.

2. Digital Workspace & Security Transformation with Workspace ONE & Hybrid Cloud

For U.S. attendees, search for LDT3091PU. For Barcelona attendees, search for LDT3091PE.

Follow the footsteps of VMware’s R&D, IT and field CTO ambassadors from the Professional Services (PS) organization to get real-life insight into how mobility and identity use cases can be successfully deployed and scaled on the hybrid cloud via Workspace ONE. The VMware PS design approach covers the planning, designing, deployment, and measurement process for successful IT and business outcomes.

Led by VMware’s EUC VP and CTO Shawn Bass, this panel session is relevant to a variety of industry verticals, including but not limited to financial, healthcare, education, point-of-sale, services, high-tech, manufacturing, hospitality and others.

3. Practical Implementation Steps & Tools for Digital Workspace Success

For U.S. attendees, search for UEM2930GU. For Barcelona attendees, search for UEM2930GE.

While most enterprises have bought into the vision of a digital workspace, most of you are still asking, “Where do I start?” Join our group discussion, led by VMware senior product marketing director Kevin Strohmeyer, to learn the key steps you must implement as you embark on your digital workspace journey. Learn about use case, architecture and ROI tools you can leverage within your organization to maximize digital workspace success.

4. Ask the Experts: How to Enable Secure Access from Personal/BYO Devices & All Types of Users with Workspace ONE

For U.S. attendees, search for SAAM1684GU.

More than ever before, you have a broad range of device types and users that want to access corporate resources. This includes employees, contractors, and contingent staff who need access, and oftentimes they want access from personal/BYO devices. How do you enable secure access without impacting end-user productivity?

This group discussion will feature experts who will walk you through security and access capabilities in Workspace ONE to ensure that IT has the tools they need to protect corporate resources, regardless of the type of user or device.

5. Admins Tips & Tricks/Best Practices for Installing the Workspace Platform

For U.S. attendees, search for UEM1894QU.

Are you looking at deploying Workspace ONE or VMware AirWatch and looking for some technical guidance to help you with this initiative? Join our product experts as they share best practices learned from thousands of deployments on how to set up, configure and deploy a digital workspace solution. By the end of this session, you will have the foundation to be able to successfully try Workspace ONE in your organization.

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