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Introducing VMware User Environment Manager 9.2 with Privilege Elevation

I know you’re excited to hear about all the functions and features we’ve crammed into the new release. Bear with me a moment, because not everyone is aware of what VMware User Environment Manager is.

What Is User Environment Manager?

The easiest way to understand User Environment Manager is to imagine a world in which it doesn’t exist.

Picture yourself sitting at your computer. The desktop is the image of the cat you love so much, and the icons are arranged in a way that makes perfect sense to (only) you. When you start an application, its window appears in just the right place on the screen, with just the right toolbars configured to make you productive. The word processor has all those special words and acronyms you added that no one outside of your industry ever uses. The 3-D printer that only you use is hooked up and ready to do your bidding. The machine is a perfect reflection of your work life.

Now, imagine IT takes your computer away for a week of “upgrades” and gives you a loaner. Are you productive? Of course not. You’ve spent possibly years customizing your PC to be the machine you need it to be, and this new one, with all the same apps and some of the same printers, is simply a pale imitation.

This is the problem that User Environment Manager was invented to solve. User Environment Manager attempts to separate your personality from the underlying Windows machine. In VMware terms, it attempts to virtualize you: to isolate the essence of you from all the complexity that completes your Windows experience.

In the world of User Environment Manager, you can move between machines. Every single time you sign on, you get presented with your loving cat, your peculiar dictionary and your icons just so. Your 3D printer even works.

New in User Environment Manager 9.2

In version 9.2, we’ve added some very cool tricks that handle user privilege. Clearly, you’re never going to give your users admin rights, but with privilege elevation, you can now allow them to run and install their own apps if they meet your criteria. We’ve also added numerous Windows Environment variables, so you can script more responsive policy.

User Environment Manager is 100% focused on delivering consistent, dynamic application and desktop user experiences across any device, location or operating system. With an elegant and scalable architecture, it requires no additional infrastructure. It’s truly the next generation in user profile management.

Go ahead and try VMware User Environment Manager 9.2 now.

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(And yes, the video is cheesy. We know. Thanks for reading!)

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