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Welcome to VMware: A New Hire’s True Story of Lost Luggage, Bug Registers & Workspace ONE

BriForum ConferenceMy first week at VMware was daunting: flying from Ireland to our head office in Palo Alto, losing my luggage and credit cards not working. On my first day, I ran around like a headless chicken trying to meet with my new team with nothing but worn clothes and trainers. In all, it was an absolute nightmare. Sometimes life throws lemons at you with such energy that it’s hard to do anything useful.

Arriving “relatively” on time for my first day, my next hurdle was onboarding with VMware IT. Having worked in the field for the last decade and consulting with many customers, I know first-hand just how unproductive and frustrating first days can be. Despite being eager to please and trying to hit the ground running, most workers find that IT is not ready for them. With all the personal panic that morning, the last thing I wanted to do was perform the ever-familiar “first day” dance that us consultants are all too familiar with.

You probably will not be surprised that at VMware, we drink our own champagne when it comes to end-user computing (EUC) technologies. For the first time, I experienced VMware Workspace ONE as a user, and I was productive within minutes. In only a few clicks, my phone, personal iPad and work laptop were registered and enabled with Single Sign-On (SSO) to company email, data, Office 365, apps and intranet. I quickly checked my work email and took a few notes in Microsoft OneNote. By lunch, I reviewed roadmaps and bug registers. By the end of the day, I was sending IMs and scheduling follow-up meetings with my new colleagues (who are awesome, by the way).

Workspace ONE gave me a single identity and a familiar look and feel. Moreover, I had every single resource I needed in one place on every device (both corporate and BYO)—securely and efficiently. I did not have 20 passwords to remember or lists of internal URLs bookmarked on my local device. I was cloud-enabled and ready to charge. As a consultant and customer in my past life, this onboarding process is everything my customers asked me for. It amazed me to see it working so fluidly at VMware. My first day in VMware was a mess of personal stress and pressure, but for once, not because of IT or my employer.

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As I am a remote worker and global business traveller, Workspace ONE continues to bridge the gap to my corporate network, allowing me true freedom to stay productive “anywhere on any device.” Historically, I am cynical of this claim, having walked this walk before with other vendors and having my hands burnt. Workspace ONE finally showed me this can be achieved today. I can tell you first hand that it can be done, and Workspace ONE can help you achieve it—today.

We welcome our competitors focus on this market. It really validates what we achieved with our digital workspace vision and Workspace ONE. We will welcome them with open arms to the market when they execute on this vision. In the meantime, Workspace ONE will continue to innovate and deliver a unified workspace for you and your workers—today.

Learn more about Workspace ONE here, and see it for yourself in our free hands-on lab.

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