VMware Horizon Desktops

Experience High-Performance Graphics with Free NVIDIA GRID & VMware Blast Extreme Test Drive

It can be quite challenging for IT administrators to provide great user experience for high-performance desktops remotely. With VMware Blast Extreme and its new adaptive transport capabilities, we made this possible.

With all the excitement a few weeks ago around the announcement of VMware Horizon 7.1 and Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport, a new NVIDIA GRID test drive provides a quick way for you to get your hands on a demo environment within minutes—all without leaving your office or spinning up internal resources and/or infrastructure.

VMware and NVIDIA’s free “try GRID” demo gives you instant access to hours of NVIDIA GRID vGPU acceleration experience powered by NVIDIA Tesla M60 graphics cards running Horizon 7.1. This experience includes a Windows desktop with 2D and 3D industry-leading enterprise applications, including:

  • Microsoft Office;
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader;
  • Autodesk AutoCAD;
  • Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS;
  • Esri ArcGIS Pro;
  • Siemens NX; and
  • More.

Blast Extreme NVIDIA GRID test drive

VMware and NVIDIA work together to solve the challenges of delivering consistent user experience for professional graphics workloads in both LAN and WAN environments. With the Blast Extreme protocol, users experience rich, immersive virtual desktop experiences by leveraging the power of NVIDIA Tesla M60 graphics card. This technology provides not only graphics acceleration, but also H.264 encode capabilities. Users caccess 3D graphics applications on any device in any location without compromising user experience, while maintaining enterprise security. With NVIDIA GRID and Horizon, a true workstation-like experience is now possible on a virtual workstation.

Try GRID desktops are available in multiple regions across the world, allowing IT administrators to try both transcontinental and intercontinental scenarios. You can test virtual desktops in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Singapore to experience how Blast Extreme with its adaptive transport intelligently handles varying latencies and packet loss for delivery anywhere in the world.

Download our latest Horizon clients, and sign up for try GRID today to see for yourself how well Horizon and NVIDIA GRID deliver the best experience anywhere in the world.

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