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Unifying Desktop & Mobile: Introducing New Samsung Galaxy S8 + VMware Workspace ONE

Here in VMware End-User Computing (EUC), we’re all about the emergence of the digital workspace. The continuing wave of the consumerization of IT is driving enormous change in how end users work…and expect to work. Many people accept it as standard today; we can use our personal phones, tablets and PCs for work interchangeably with the devices and PCs our employers provide. This assumption leads to the further implication that our applications—from popular Windows apps to internal web apps and increasingly cloud-based services—should be portable and follow you wherever you go with whatever device you decide to use.

We seek to unify the desktop and mobile experience for business users. This is the essence of the digital workspace and what VMware EUC seeks to accomplish for our customers every day with VMware Workspace ONE. That’s why we are so excited about Samsung’s launch of the new Galaxy S8—a tremendous advancement in mobile technology and simply a beautiful device.

Workspace ONE app access on Samsung Galaxy S8Today, VMware announced the expansion of our partnership with Samsung to unify the mobile and desktop experiences for the benefit of business users with the Galaxy S8 and Workspace ONE. Business users struggle with different devices and different experiences across desktop and mobile. With Workspace ONE and Samsung Galaxy S8, they will get a unified experience with a single device that fits in their pocket.

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Part of the Galaxy S8 announcement is a new business feature called DeX, short for desktop experience, which allows the S8 to be docked and offers the user full monitor, mouse and keyboard access. The Galaxy S8 with DeX is bringing a PC-like user experience to its flagship Android device. VMware will optimize that DeX experience by bringing the user’s desktop and applications together with Workspace ONE, essentially creating a complete solution for your mobile workforce.

The VMware Horizon family is a key Workspace ONE technology with virtualized applications and desktops served up from the data center or cloud. IDC recently named Horizon a leader in virtual client computing software. For a mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 user who docks the device, the user’s entire Windows desktop, applications and data will be accessible. Our Horizon team is integrating with the DeX APIs to allow full mouse and keyboard support when accessing Horizon desktops and applications. The user will get a true Windows desktop experience as Horizon desktop access defaults to full screen mode on an Android device!

S8_Samsung Knox Workspace_dualDepending on your IT policies, data can stay protected in the Horizon cloud or data center back end without allowing local storage. Data also can be stored and protected locally using certified Samsung Knox security managed by market-leading VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management.

With Horizon deeply integrated into the Workspace ONE identity-defined digital workspace, the user will have an exceptional experience on Galaxy S8. Users will experience single sign-on not only for all applications, including Horizon Windows apps, corporate web apps, popular cloud services and native Android apps. This is the embodiment of the VMware EUC vision of the digital workspace:

Making business users more productive with all their applications and desktops available on the device of their choice in the moment, with consumer simplicity and enterprise grade security.

It is great to have a partner like Samsung, who shares a common vision for the future of the mobile workforce. Together, the expanded Samsung-VMware relationship is a win-win for our joint customers.

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