Highlighting Customer Success with VMware App Volumes

Jan 30, 2017
Sachin Sharma


Sachin Sharma is a senior product line marketing manager for VMware’s End-User Computing business unit, specializing in security.

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What do BDP International, ANZ Bank and Maastricht University  all have in common?

They all turned to VMware App Volumes to take the complexity out of application delivery and lifecycle management in VDI and published applications environments.

These organizations transformed the way they deliver and manage applications in their virtual desktop and published application platforms. In turn, they provide application access to make their end users more productive than ever before.

The industries these organizations come from are broad: healthcare, supply chain, financial services and education. Yet, all are working to accomplish the same goal: raise end-user productivity, while keeping IT costs low. Let’s take a look at how each of these App Volumes customers enhances application delivery and management in their VMware Horizon and Citrix environments.

BDP International

BDP International had major issues using their existing Citrix platform to deliver Google collaboration applications, known as G Suite. They decided to migrate to VMware Horizon for flexibility with both on-premises and cloud desktop and app delivery. The result? Great performance with faster response times.

Jason Bullock, Executive Director of IT Global Infrastructure & Support at BDP International, said:

“That was a real wake up call to say if we’re going to truly run this as an enterprise, we need to come up with a better solution than Citrix.”

Dive into BDP International’s unique App Volumes customer story below:

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ANZ Bank

With the combination of VMware AirWatch and App Volumes, ANZ Bank took their mobile banking to a new level.

ANZ Bank speeds up mobile app development for its customers and employees using AirWatch. And to provide faster application delivery and updates to desktop applications running on their Citrix XenDesktop platform, ANZ Bank uses App Volumes, helping reduce:

  1. Downtime;
  2. Storage; and
  3. Operational costs.

Onboarding new employees has never been easier with the one-to-many provisioning capabilities of App Volumes. Watch this great video to learn more:

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App Volumes 2.12: Faster Delivery, More Productive Users

The latest release of App Volumes 2.12 became generally available less than two months ago. Since then, we’ve received some great feedback on the core features and enhancements of this release.

Enhancing end-user experience with faster login and application launch times was one of the improvements in App Volumes 2.12. Lucien Haak, Team Manager EUC Operations at Maastricht University, was one of the first to test out App Volumes 2.12 and noted:

“We’ve tested with the new 2.12 version of App Volumes and see a decrease of login time by 30% to 50%, dependent on the amount of AppStacks a user has assigned.”

App Volumes 2.12 also contained improvements to:

  • Active Directory integration.
  • Security enhancements with agent to manager certificate validation.
  • Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Office 2016.

The other major announcement in App Volumes 2.12 was an update to Instant Clone Technology for Citrix, currently in tech preview. Administrators can now instantly clone virtual desktops on the Citrix XenDesktop platform and then deliver applications using App Volumes. We have many customers, EUC Champions and partners current in this tech preview.

Marius Sandbu, Cloud Architect at EVRY Cloud Services, has a great blog showing the step-by-step process on getting started with the tech preview for Instant Clone Technology for Citrix. If you’re interested in learning more about the tech preview, feel free to comment below and we’ll be in touch.

Read how Enterprise Strategy Group describes the challenges involved with application management in virtual desktop and published application environments. Learn how App Volumes helps with VMware Horizon, XenApp, XenDesktop or a Microsoft RDS environment.

With faster application delivery and complete application lifecycle management, App Volumes enables businesses to reduce costs while providing better end user experience. Join us on Feb. 15 for EUC Insights 2017, where you’ll learn about not only App Volumes, but also how VMware helps organizations create and manage their digital workspace. Click here to register free today.


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