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[Video] Work Productivity Reimagined: VMware Workspace ONE + Salesforce

The modern workforce relies on fundamental business apps like Salesforce to get work done. Whether you use Salesforce to service customers, close deals, analyze data and nurture leads, or you rely on apps within the Salesforce App Exchange, Salesforce is a vital component across many teams within an organization.

The rise of mobile apps in the workplace allows employees to access pertinent information and complete tasks from any device—work or personal. While this level of access maximizes user productivity on the go, the risk of security threats and data loss greatly increases. For instance, a lost or stolen device, malicious app or unsecure browser can access an unsecured Salesforce application. Once compromised, sensitive company data could be accessed by an authorized party. As IT tightens security around apps and business data, users often perform initial account set up, create and try to remember complex passwords, enter domains and more, greatly reducing the adoption rate of IT investments. How can IT simplify user access of business apps and data, while maintaining the highest level of security to prevent data loss?

VMware Workspace ONE makes it easy for organizations to give employees the best possible user experience for apps like Salesforce across devices, while upholding security and DLP requirements. Not only does Workspace ONE provide seamless app delivery across web, native, hybrid and mobile apps, it also provides single sign-on and automatic configuration of apps for hassle-free end-user access. This ensures you get the most out of your investments with Workspace ONE Salesforce enablement.

Benefits of Using Workspace ONE with Salesforce

  • Secure apps and data with enterprise-grade security and granular data loss prevention controls.
  • Increase user adoption with a seamless, personalized experience for employees across any device, work or personal.
  • Eliminate the need for complex passwords with powerful single sign-on capabilities.
  • Manage, monitor and support Salesforce apps on all desktops and devices in a single, secure solution.

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