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Configuring VMware Identity Manager for High Availability in Multiple Data Centers

By Gary Sloane, VMware Consulting Editor

We are happy to announce the publication of a new white paper, Configuring VMware Identity Manager for Multiple Data Centers. VMware Identity Manager offers major convenience features, such as single sign-on and a self-service app store. Some organizations have wondered, though, about configuring it for high availability.

Sometimes, a software engineer sees a need and responds to it with a short paper that explains what to do. We love when this happens! In this case, Pitambari Parekh found that several IT managers needed to know how to configure VMware Identity Manager for high availability across multiple data centers.

VMware Identity Manager SQL Server Multiple Data Centers

Figure 1: Multi-Site Configuration Using SQL Server

After stepping through the procedures several times, she wrote them down, tested them, and had them verified. In this paper, she also provides separate instructions for Microsoft SQL and for PostgreSQL and Oracle databases.

VMware Identity Manager PostgreSQL and Oracle Multiple Data Centers

Figure 2: Multi-Site Configuration Using External PostgreSQL or Oracle Databases

Configuring VMware Identity Manager for Multiple Data Centers is a “must read” for anybody interested in using VMware Identity Manager for HA and failover solutions.