Businesses should invest in every stage of their employees’ journey, from recruitment right through to the moment they leave. Having a plan for your employee lifecycle is indispensable. But the increase in virtual work over the last few years has brought its own set of challenges in maintaining a great employee experience — and even more so, a great digital employee experience (DEX). Problems like not finding easy access to benefits or struggling with work–life balance can leave your workers feeling disengaged. The result? Productivity takes a hit, more people call in sick, morale drops — and the list goes on. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here at VMware, we can support you at each stage of the employee journey. Keep reading to find out how we help deliver a seamless employee experience from recruitment through exit interview.   

Recruiting: giving and getting the best 

The recruiting process can take up a lot of time and resources. But giving out the right energy at this stage can help your business attract the best of the best. Remember: candidates see your interview process as a preview of what it’s like to work with you, so making them feel welcome and being transparent is key to getting them to sign on. Gathering feedback is critical for companies to determine what is working and what is not, via employee pulse and experience surveys, as was discussed in a previous blog on Workspace ONE Intelligence survey use cases. Lackluster recruitment processes where candidates are kept in the dark can cause businesses to miss out on great talent. Unsuccessful recruitment can even cost companies a significant amount of money, with average hiring costs ranging from $4K to $20K.

Onboarding: what to do after they’ve signed the dotted line 

How can we help once your candidate has accepted your offer?  VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub lets new hires connect with their new company to learn about the culture and what they can expect in near real time, before their start date. They can be sent onboarding documents, be served up company culture videos, and be ready to hit the ground running on their first day — all through a web browser. They’ll feel engaged and excited to start their next chapter with your company.   

Seamlessly onboarding new hires   

Once you’ve hired your newest team member, your onboarding process will be their first impression of working for your business. That’s why it’s so important that it isn’t a lengthy, stressful, complicated chore. Whereas poor onboarding can have negative consequences, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub helps avoid this by providing IT tools to help new hires be engaged and productive from their very first day on the job. For example, with drop ship provisioning and out of the box onboarding, devices are provisioned and sent to the new employee to enable productivity on their first day.  

Once employees log in to Intelligent Hub, they can easily access the corporate apps they need for their day-to-day work, on any app and any device. New hires need to feel connected out of the gate. Given the ability to search for colleagues in the company right inside Intelligent Hub, reaching out to connect couldn’t be easier. In addition, receiving corporate communications from HR, their business unit, and even IT drastically improves the onboarding experience and keeps new hires feeling connected. Our software simplifies the employee onboarding process, enabling a customized, personalized journey from the second employees join. They can spend less time onboarding and instead dive right into their new roles to start making their mark.    

Enabling help when they need it/IT 

When employees need assistance with their digital tools, IT and helpdesk teams can leverage Workspace ONE Assist to work directly with new hires. Addressing technology challenges in real time with support and training for any employee is seamless.   

Even though there are many different enrollment types for device management, that doesn’t pose an issue with Workspace ONE, whether the new hire is on their own device or a corporate device, as we discussed in this blog. Workspace ONE Assist helps minimize downtime and keeps employees on track and engaged with their work. Check out more information on Assist for non-corporate devices here.  

Retaining and developing employees  

It’s been proven that employees who feel valued do more to help their organization succeed. The reality is, there’s no one-size-fits-all way to make your team feel like you care. Each person is different, so that should be recognized in the way you help them grow. We can help you understand each individual employee through personalized support and dialogues that make sure your team always feels heard. When employees change roles in the company, we serve up new applications on their device(s) due to the new persona. With corporate communications, we make sure employees are connected and we can regularly gather employee sentiment. Lastly, with our Custom Tab, many of our customers leverage existing IT investments by connecting to their intranet so employees can have a strong bond with the company. For current Workspace ONE customers, this Tech Zone post dives into how easy it is to get started on this journey. 

Saying “goodbye”   

If a team member decides to move on, the leaving process should be a positive experience, too. Treat it as a learning opportunity. Exit interviews, for example, can help you address any problems raised, improving the experience for your future and existing team.   

Employee turnover also comes with data security risks, which a strong offboarding process can reduce. Our software controls the verification of new employees’ devices and apps before granting them access to your business resources, which promotes privacy and protects your reputation and brand.   

How to provide great employee experiences

A great employee experience journey can result in greater productivity, faster. And it doesn’t need to be difficult to get started. With the right digital employee experience management tools at hand, you can easily support your team members throughout their entire employee journeys. And we’re here to empower and support you along the way.   

If you are interested in finding out more, please reach out to our VMware Experience Solutions team at For more information, see our solutions page, “What Is Digital Employee Experience (DEX)?”